Get to Korean Folk Town in Maple Story

Have you been trying to get to Korean Folk Town without much luck? If you want to know get to Korean Folk Town in Maple Story, start at Step 1.


  1. Choose which way you want to go there, by land or by sea, or by air. Let's say you want to go by sea.
  2. Go to Ellinia in Victoria Island. Go through the portal that is under a sign labeled Sixtopia. Talk to the lady and get your ticket to Orbis. The boat leaves every 15 minutes, at the hour, 15 after, 30 after, etc.
  3. Once you get to Orbis, go to the bottom right hand corner and go through the portal. This should lead you to Orbis Tower. Make your way all the way down the tower then go through the circle on the first floor. Go down that map and you will see a portal with some water halfway up it. Go through the portal.
  4. Now you are in Aqua Road. Keep making your way right in Aqua Road until you see a big glowing book. Press up on that book. That should take you to Korean Folk Town.
  5. By land, you must go to Ludibrium and descend Helios Tower, which consists of four floors.
  6. The last floor of the tower is the Library. To get to Korean Folk Town go to the bottom of the Library and use the large book as a portal.
  7. Welcome to Korean Folk Town!

Land/Sea way

  1. Go to Ellinia, and get the go to Orbis ticket.
  2. once you have arrive at Orbis, go to the MU lung station
  3. Buy Mu Lung ticket and go to Mu Lung
  4. When you have gotten to Mu Lung, go to Herb Town
  5. Once you arrived in herb town, go to the part that has water, and a dolphin.
  6. Talk to the dolphin and pay him to go to aqua road.
  7. Once you have arrived in Aqua Road, go to the glowing book, (listed in sea way), and you have arrived. Do not take this land/ sea way if you have less than 100k in money, because you have to pay a lot. No towers going down needed for this way of land/sea.

If you're already in Ludibrium (Return Scroll Needed)

  1. Go to Helios Tower and go down to the 99th floor.
  2. Take the Elevator all the way down to the second floor. You may have to wait a few minutes.
  3. When you're at the first floor, enter the library and go to the very bottom. You will see a large book. This is the portal to Korean Town.
  4. If you have not been to Korean Town before, you may not be able to enter. If you find yourself unable to enter, use your Return to the Nearest Town scroll. You're in Korean Folk Town.
  5. You will not need to use your Return Scroll to get back this way if you reenter via the book.


  • Carry a surplus of potions in case you are running low on HP.

Things You'll Need

  • Air bubbles if your traveling by sea.

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