Install High Intensity Discharge Lights on a Chevrolet Cobalt

A step by step way on how to Install high intensity discharge (HID) lights on a 2005-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt with manufacturer headlights. This is a nice little modification to the car, which also adds safety for the driver.


  1. Open the hood of the car and using a 10mm socket unscrew the 2 bolts on each side off the headlight assembly.
  2. Once that is complete, disconnect any connections going to both headlights.
  3. Behind each headlight there is a turning cap. Twist it to the open position in order to take out the original bulb.
  4. Take the open/close cover and place it on top of the HID bulb and carefully put it into the headlight. Be sure not to touch the bulbs with your fingers.
  5. Now that the headlights are ready you want to connect the wiring harness.
  6. Place the wires in whichever way you would like at your own risk. The neater the better.
  7. Take off the fuse box cover and unscrew the positive metal terminal.
  8. Take the black (negative) wire and connect it to a metal painted part on the car.
  9. For the positive wire, take wire cutters and cut a small piece off for it to fit on the positive terminal on the fuse box. Once that is done bolt the screw back into place.
  10. The rest of the procedures is plug and play.
  11. Take the end cables of the wiring harness and connect that to straight into the ballast. Remember, the neater the better.
  12. The connections on the ballast go in to the HID bulbs connected to the headlight.
  13. Before anything check to see if lights turn on. If they do, great, if not, retrace steps.
  14. Once this is done, place the headlight back into its place and screw them back into the headlight bracket.
  15. Adjust the lights for them to be straight.
  16. You are finally done.


  • Use right sized nuts and bolts !


  • Do at your own risk.
  • HID bulbs can disturb driver of opposite vehicles
  • Battery may drain out faster