Join a Honda Car Club

Honda is a car manufacturing company which produces and sells their automobiles around the world. Since the early years of Honda manufacturing, Honda car clubs have existed as a way for owners to consult with others who are familiar with the vehicle. Learning how to join a Honda car club is an effective way to gain new knowledge regarding your vehicle, as well as to network with others who have an affinity for the brand.


  1. Find a Honda car club in your area.
    • Managers at local Honda dealerships and auto mechanics who specialize in the repair of Hondas should be able to provide you with the name and contact information of a Honda car club near you. In some cases, Honda car owners who exhibit their vehicles at local shows may have information regarding car clubs in the surrounding area.
  2. Talk with local Honda car club members.
    • While there may be a number of Honda car clubs in your surrounding area, they might not all be for you. Discuss with members the frequency of meetings, amount of membership fees, and total number of club participants. In addition, consider the number of planned group outings before settling on a specific organization.
    • Take your time when choosing a car club. Take plenty of time to investigate a number of organizations, being sure to weigh all options.
  3. Identify the leadership of the Honda car club.
    • Depending on the size of the club, you may not be able to join simply because you desire to do so. Instead, you may be required to meet with a group of senior leaders of the club, and "make your case" for joining the organization. While in most cases, the president of the club will have the final say on who can or can't join, a vote by the entire organization may also occur.
  4. Perform all requirements for club admittance.
    • To join a particular Honda car club, you may be required to perform specific tasks. These may include paying fees, writing an essay on your goals while participating as a member of the club, or even performing repairs and maintenance on your car. Typically, you have a designated period of time in which to perform all of these tasks to be approved as a member.
  5. Consider recruiting new members.
    • While recruiting new members may not be a specific duty assigned to you as a member of a Honda car club, it can make you look more committed to the organization in the eyes of upper leadership. Talk to friends, family members, and other associates who may own a Honda. Encourage them to consider joining the club in which you are a member.


  • Some online Honda car clubs, such as the one at, are options for those who live in remote areas.

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