Make Snow Golems Useful in Minecraft

A Snow Golem is a weak, helpless Minecraft mob that does no damage and can take little itself. However, the Snow Golem is willing to put itself into grave danger just to keep hostiles away, a fact that entirely rewrites its usefulness utilized in this method. With two command blocks, you can turn these meek little pumpkin-headed robots into indestructible lightning-shooting death machines.


  1. Set your gamemode to Creative /gamemode 1, and have cheats enabled.
    • If cheats aren't enabled, press Escape and then click on Open to LAN, turning cheats On first.
    • These steps are only guaranteed to work on Minecraft PC 1.11.x.
  2. Type /give (your player name) repeating_command_block into the chat window.
    • Eg: /give Elektrosonix repeating_command_block
    • Player name is optional unless you are using a command block instead of the chat window (so in this case it's optional).
  3. Right click on a surface to place the command block.
  4. Right click on the command block, opening the interface.  Do not hold Shift when doing this.
  5. In the bar labeled "Console Command", type "/execute @e[type=snowball] ~ ~-1 ~ summon lightning_bolt".
    • Slashes (/) are optional for command blocks.
  6. Find the three buttons side-by-side below "Console Command". They should be set to read the following: Repeat, Unconditional, and Always Active.
  7. Press Enter to close the command block interface and activate the command.
  8. Repeat the last two steps with a new command block in the general vicinity, preferably right next to the first one.
  9. In the bar labeled "Console Command", type "/effect @e[type=snowman] 11 2 10".
  10. Repeat the last two steps with this command block.
  11. Test the results out. You're done all the hard work. Want to see results? Either build a Snow Golem by placing a Pumpkin or Jack O' Lantern on two vertical snow blocks, or type /summon snowman into the chat window.
  12. With your death robot at hand, summon a blaze /summon blaze. Laugh as a Snow Golem's mortal enemy is effortlessly defeated by your "Lightning" Golem. Success!


  • The repeating command block is going to fill up the chat window. To stop this, type /gamerule commandBlockOutput false. This means that all command blocks can't affect chat unless they use the "/say" command.
  • Every single entity of this type is going to be affected by these commands.
  • The Snow Golems will sound like they are taking damage, but they really aren't - effect id 11 is Resistance, and if you followed the steps correctly, you have given them Resistance X. That makes them completely indestructible!
  • If you don't want them to be so noisy, make a third command block with almost the same command as the second, but replace "11" with "12". This gives them Fire Resistance, which means that they still take 0 damage as before but they also won't react to it (turn red and make noises of anguish).


  • Don't get in the Snow Golems' line of fire or you will die.
  • Watch yourself - lightning may create charged creepers.