Sell a Car That's Not Under Your Name

If you bought a used car from a private party and haven’t put it under your name, you don’t have to transfer the title to your name in order to sell it. All you need is a BILL OF SALE plus the original TITLE and follow the steps.


  1. Find someone who wants to buy the car.
  2. Prepare a BILL OF SALE. You can easily find one online or you can go to one of the DMV offices and ask for one.
  3. You and the buyer need to fill out the BILL OF SALE and sign it.
  4. Make sure you get payment from the buyer.
  5. Attach the BILL OF SALE to the original TITLE that you get from the previous owner and give them to the buyer.
  6. The buyer needs to go to DMV and turn in these two forms (BILL OF SALE and the original TITLE) and obtain a new title.


  • For your own record, you'd better keep a photocopy the BILL OF SALE and TITLE.


  • Regulations and policies vary from place to place. Call your local department of motor vehicles to make sure you can do this.

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