Shop for a Sunroof

Sunroofs can be installed in most vehicles and can add light and ventilation to your car. It's important to consider your price range, ease of use and your car's size when shopping for a sunroof. Here are some tips on how to shop for a sunroof.


  1. Choose a manual or power sunroof.
    • Manual, or pop-up, sunroofs are operated by a lever inside the car that's pushed up to open the sunroof. These are available in many sizes, making them compatible with most vehicles. Pop-up sunroofs are less expensive than power sunroofs, but are more prone to leaking.
    • Power sunroofs. or spoiler sunroofs, open and close by pushing and holding down a power switch that's installed in the car. This type of sunroof pushes up as a vent or slides all the way open. Look for power sunroofs that come with a sliding sun shade to prevent glare when driving.
  2. Decide on an electric or electronic model.
    • Electric sunroofs, like power or panoramic sunroofs, require you to hold a switch in place while the roof opens. This is a less expensive option, but could be more hazardous if you're operating the sunroof while driving.
    • Electronic sunroofs open and close with a single touch of a button. These are more expensive than other sunroof styles, but also more convenient. Some electronic sunroofs include an automatic shut feature that closes the sunroof for you when the vehicle's ignition is turned off.
  3. Consider the size of your vehicle.
    • Small or compact cars may not have a large enough roof to accommodate any electronic or panoramic sunroof. Ask a sunroof installation specialist what style would work best with the make and model of your vehicle.
  4. Look for sunroofs with guaranteed seals.
    • Many sunroof manufacturers guarantee the seal around the sunroof will be effective in keeping dirt and moisture out of your car.
  5. Evaluate warranty options.
    • Shop for a sunroof with a warranty package that's as long as you expect to own your vehicle. Find out if warranties for sunroofs you're considering cover faulty installation or malfunctioning parts. Some sunroof warranties also cover repairs for car damage caused by leaking sunroof seals.
  6. Shop at sunroof specialty stores.
    • Auto parts stores that specialize in aftermarket accessories will have experts that can help you find the right sunroof for the size and shape of your vehicle. You will also have the option of having the sunroof you purchase professionally installed.
  7. Ask your mechanic.
    • The mechanic that regularly maintains your vehicle will be able to give you advice about what kind of sunroof that will work best for you. Ask what kind of sunroofs cause the most corrosion or rust on cars and if any particular styles or brands are prone to leaking or malfunctioning.

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