Start a Mobile Oil Change Business

"Bring it to me" service business is rapidly becoming a business of high demand. A business that was once only provided to major fleet owners has now become more mainstream.


  1. Research; learn everything you can about this business so you can determine if it is a good choice for you!
  2. Determine what equipment you plan to use. Contact equipment builders and compare quality and prices. (Some builders may need up to 6 weeks to have your system ready so you want to "get the ball rolling.")
  3. Determine what you want your business name to be. When you apply to register your business name be sure to have a few ready in case your first choice is already taken.
  4. Apply for your business license.
  5. Talk to your insurance agent. Have your policy prepared so it is effect when you open for business.
  6. Set up accounts for your oil and other supplies.
  7. Get your invoices prepared along with business cards etc.
  8. Talk to potential customers; make an effort to have a customer base started before you are ready to open for business.
  9. Set up your storage area, usually a garage for your equipment and inventory.
  10. Set up an oil & filter disposal plan. Contact used oil recovery companies.
  11. Scout the market. Determine what services you will provide and at what prices.


  • Above all, information is key; this is a unique business and takes a lot of effort to learn. Try to learn from others who have experience to guide you.

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