Understand Platonic Love and Friendship

Finding it hard to understand your feelings towards your friend? Confusing that the person is becoming more than just a friend or is it just a feeling? This article will help you to known about what platonic love is and achieve stronger friendships without the unnecessary confusion of feelings or making your friendship relationship awkward with your friend.


  1. Understand the difference between what love really is and what is platonic love. Love is an emotional attachment with a special person expressed through action, care and affection and it is bond between people. Different types of love exist for different relationships. For example, a mother and daughter have familial love, partners have romantic love.
    • The love between friends is platonic love. Platonic describes a relationship that is purely spiritual and not physical. If a guy and a girl hang out all the time but aren't boyfriend and girlfriend, they'd describe their friendship as platonic..
  2. Consider your feelings about the person. Do you think of them romantically or erotically? feelings such as these suggest you might have a different love for this person. If you don't have strong feeling about that person and just like to hangout with him, then you most likely have a platonic love for them.
  3. Do not mistake your love for something more. One of the most common confusions occur when people mistake their affection towards their friends as something deeper. Whether consciously or subconsciously, it is easy to mistake feelings of love.
  4. Understand how strong platonic love can be. It is perfectly normal for people to experience intense feelings for those they care about without the love being of a romantic nature. Very similar to that of actual love, platonic love creates a powerful attachment between people.
  5. Think about what your idea of friendship is. Do you consider acquaintances as friends or do you need to have a profound knowledge of the person before you classify them as a friend? In order to identify the type of love, you must first have a comparison to what your norm for platonic love is.


  • Consider your own personal definition of friendship and love. Depending on how you perceive them, your relationships with others may vary significantly.
  • Further research into the types of love may aid your comprehension of what platonic love is.
  • Be honest and don't forget to communicate. Always check that things are OK so not to cross that line!
  • Do introspection about what you really feel about love. Think about what you really looking for?
  • Check your friends feelings towards love and friendship because if you hurry and tell him/her about your feeling, may be it will ruin your precious friendship also. How to check- by causally slip questions related to love/ friendship in between conversation.


  • Platonic relationships get deeper and better over time if both parties respect the boundaries.
  • Be careful about telling the other party if you feel like your feelings have changed. Give it time and figure out if you really do feel differently before you risk ruining your friendship.
  • Confusion of feelings can lead to unnecessary pain and loss. Think before you make any commitments as a result of your feelings.