Act Like an Akatsuki Member

Akatsuki is an organization of S-class criminals in the anime and manga, Naruto. They're the main antagonists and have a massive cult following.


  1. Wear nail polish. You don't have to if you're a guy, but it's up to you. The Akatsuki members typically wear black fingernail polish on all their fingernails and toenails. Cream finishes are the best. If you want to mix it up a bit, then try shades like turquoise, deep red, purple, black, royal blue, etc.
    • The Akatsuki aren't superficial as a whole, but it's alright to wear makeup to appear more menacing.
  2. Get the attitude. Don't try to hurt or kill somebody! Only harm if in an act of self defense. Don't walk around streets blowing things up, eating people, hypnotizing people or kidnapping them to make them your "puppet". Be polite, but have an attitude and use it at the right time.
  3. Act "cool". Akatsuki members are always calm. When facing an opponent in any situation, act as though you have the upper hand.
  4. Style your hair. The possibilities for styling anime and manga hair are endless. You can style it like an OC (original character) or an existing member. Updo's like Konan's or Deidara's are appropriate, but you can also spike it like Pein's/Leader's or Kisame's. Whatever you like the best.
  5. Have some good footwear. When appropriate, wear plain black flip-flops or brown leather. Otherwise, wear something that matches your outfit.
  6. Find a ring. Bonus points if it's actually made for Akatsuki cosplaying purposes. These rings identify the Akatsuki members and are linked to the Statue of Hell in which Akatsuki seal in their captured Bijuu. You can also make one from clay, a good brand is Crayola's model magic. Use a custom color and find it's kanji, or use your astrology sign or the year you were born, such as the boar, ox, rabbit, etc.


  • If other people are playing with you, be sure you each have a different ring. The ring should have a Japanese character on it. Each of you should wear the ring on a different finger, like the Akatsuki do.
  • Try to find a group willing to play along with you. It's more fun that way.
  • It might be easier if you picked a character from the Akatsuki to dress up as and act as, but it's much more fun and appealing as an OC.
  • If you can't buy it, make it yourself. If you can't make it yourself, get someone else to. If you can't do that, go casual.


  • Don't get too carried away. They're criminals who are after the bijuu (tailed beasts) in the anime/manga and they have cool abilities , but you're just you. You're living in the real world, so don't try jumping from the roof of a house or from tree to tree.

Things You'll Need

  • An Akatsuki Cosplay (optional)
  • Nail Polish
  • Black Flip Flops
  • A Ring
  • Friends to be Akatsuki members with you

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