Annoy People on the Computer

Here are a few tips on how to make people mad on the computer.


  1. Go to control panel and go to appearance and themes. Next you find the mouse section and you set it to go as slow as possible.
  2. Put a password on their username.
  3. Change their desktop picture to something they're afraid of, or something shocking (e.g., spiders, snakes, guns, etc...)
  4. Go to control panel and choose fonts and change it to webdings or wingdings.
  5. Delete all the website's they went to and delete their favorites.
  6. Go to control panel and change the mouse pointer to something annoying, for windows, a pointer called vanishes disappears.
  7. Go to control panel, go to speech and turn on text to speech.
  8. Go the control panel, find the sounds and audio devices, then go to audio in the subcategories, click volume and a little screen should pop up. Turn volume all the way down.
  9. Go to the monitor controls and see if you can make the brightness to zero.. Your friend will think his/her computer is dead.
  10. Open Microsoft Word, go to Tools then select auto-correct options, then you find two boxes for typing....type "e" in the left box and type something funny in the right box and click OK, Ex: if you typed "Prank" in the right box will replace all the "e" s typed with "prank".
  11. Go to the desktop and press Print Screen. Then open MS Paint and paste. Save and set it as the wallpaper and hide the icons on the desktop and the start menu.
  12. To hide the start menu, go to Start > Control Panel > Taskbar and start menu OR Appearance and Themes - Taskbar and start menu > Auto-hide taskbar.
  13. To hide all the icons, Go to Start > Control Panel > Display OR Appearance and Themes - Display > "Desktop" tab > Customize Desktop. and uncheck everything under "Desktop icons" then click "OK". exit control panel. Then you have two options: all the icons into an invisible folder on the desktop or 2. move all the icons somewhere else. 2 is a lot easier.
  14. first create a new folder on the desktop, and when naming it, hold down ALT and type 255 on the keypad, making sure numlock is on. (If you hear three beeps as you type 255, copy this instead " ".)then move all the other icons on the desktop into that folder. right-click on the folder,
  15. Properties > "Customize" tab > Folder icons:Change Icon. and then look for a blank icon. Select it > OK > OK. DONE!
  16. open a random folder, create a new folder inside that if you want to,then move all the icons in there
  17. Go to Control Panel > Mouse > Pointer Options. Change the cursor speed to very slow or very fast. You can also check "Display pointer trails" to get a reaction from someone using the computer.
  18. Go to Control Panel > Mouse > Buttons. Check "Switch primary and secondary mouse buttons." This will switch left with right, and right with left. Every time they left click, it will open a menu like the right mouse button does. You can set the double click speed to the fastest setting and they will have to click very fast to open something.
  19. Go to Control Panel > Keyboard > Speed. Set repeat delay to long, and repeat speed to slow.


  • Make the word 'the' replace into 'teh', a common misspelling of 'the'.


  • If you do ALL of these, the person may get too mad
  • Make sure you can navigate the computer without text if you change the font to webdings or wingdings, else you won't be able to change it back.

Things You'll Need

  • A victim's computer.

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