Create a Realistic Looking but Fake Virus

This guide will show you how to make a simple prank that will make your computer look like it is being hacked or has a virus. Please only use this prank extremely carefully. It is harmless but make sure your prankee isn't going to get too mad.


  1. Open Command Prompt by either:
    • Hold WIN (windows key)+R then type "cmd" (without quotes) and click OK.
    • You can also find command prompt using search on Windows 7 by searching for "command prompt".
    • Windows XP users by going to Start, then All Programs, then Accessories then "Command Prompt."
    • Or any other way will do!
  2. To use green (DOS) colored text, first type "color A" without quotes.

  3. Hold ALT then press enter
  4. In command prompt type:
  5. cd c:\ (press enter)
  6. dir /s (press enter)
  7. There you are! You have now successfully pranked somebody in the most delightful way!
  8. To exit it press CTRL+C then type exit and press enter.


  • All this does is run a search of every file on your computer.
  • Press ctrl + s to stop and start it when it's running.
  • Step two is not essential but making it full screen looks better!
  • Also, fullscreen will not work with Windows Vista, 7, or 8.
  • Different colors besides green are available. To change the color, replace "A" with a letter or number in Change-Colours-in-Command-Prompt (Example: "color 4" for red text).
  • This should work with any version of windows.
  • Go to [[1]] and go to his website for his version of this cool prank. It has everything in this article, including looping, and a failsafe that tells the prankee after each loop how to shut down the program. A must check out for people who want this click.
  • To create a batch file, type in all of the stuff you learned here into a new text document by clicking Notepad. DO NOT MAKE A NEW TEXT DOCUMENT ON YOUR DESKTOP OR IN ANYTHING ELSE. In Windows 7, doing this will cause you not to be able to change the file extension. (.txt)
    • Then save it with a different file extension to turn it into a batch file (.bat)
  • To make it loop forever, put your code between this code:
    •  :loop [code here!] goto loop
    • The loop function will only work in a batch file.


  • Command Prompt can be harmful depending on what you type in so be careful with it! You could delete stuff you don't want to delete, or freeze your computer.
  • One of the only harms other than command prompt problems is to be careful who and where you prank. Only prank people who you can help afterward to get rid of the window. Do not prank at a public area or the consequences may not be in your favor. Be careful!

Things You'll Need

  • Any computer that runs Windows.
  • Command Prompt

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