Make a Fake Pop Up

Pranks are as old as the Internet itself. This method will allow users to send a fake Windows error message to an unsuspecting victim for a bit of levity. (NOTE: Will not fool users of Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Macs.)


  1. Go to
  2. Click on the icon you want to show up in the upper left hand side of your "error message".
  3. Make the error message match the program. If you want your error message to look like a Windows 95/98 pop up, press the button for that. For the Windows XP look, press that button.
  4. Write the title of the pop up in the correct box.
  5. Write the text you want to put in the body of the error message. If you want something to appear on a different line, make sure you press enter! Otherwise, a long entry will just be on one long line in a long error message box.
  6. Write what you want to put in the button boxes, or leave them blank. If you want the button to appear gray or "unclickable," check the box that says "Gray." Note - These buttons won't actually work on the message!
  7. Click -->Generate an error message<--!
  8. Look for your message. It will appear on the top of the screen.
  9. Copy and paste the link for the message URL.
  10. Send the URL to your intended victim via IM or email.

For a different way to create fake error pop-ups, follow the steps in the accompanying video.


  • To hide the nature of the prank, it might be good to condense the link via a URL shortening site such as before you send it off. Otherwise, the link reveals the error message in the URL code.


  • Will not fool users of Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Macs.
  • If sent as-is, the link reveals the copy of the gag message in the URL code.
  • Friends who are paranoid of viruses will likely not fall for the gag.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access (presumably you have this, or you wouldn't be seeing this message now)

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