Make Your Facebook Page Viral

When it comes to marketing ,having a Facebook Page is a must but a Facebook page without likes is like a TV show without audience. You can make a Facebook Page viral and promote business.


  1. If you just want a page and make it viral, go to Google Trends and choose a topic and create a page on Facebook.
  2. Invite all your friends. Friends are the best way to start growing your Facebook Page.
  3. After you reach 50 likes, do a giveaway such as a free talk-time recharge or a free flash drive. You can be creative and even do a giveaway of a personalized thing.
  4. Get a white T-shirt and write the name of the Page and wear it go to a crowded place like a mall. This will give you a lot of exposure that you need. Remember, going viral is all about getting lot of exposure.
  5. Set you Facebook Timeline cover about your Facebook Page. This will let your subscribers know about your page.
  6. Post about your Page on your college notice board. If you are going to a college, this might be a great tip.
  7. Lastly, Don't Spam. It kind of makes you an irritable person on the internet.


  • Don't be a spammer.

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