Buy Bus Pass (SUBE) in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has introduced a new way to pay for your tickets on their city buses (collectivos). The use of coins seems to be phasing out. February 2014


  1. First you must purchase the card. Sounds simple but it's not.
  2. You must find a seller for the card. This is the hard part. We bought ours at Av. Sta. Fe and Av.Pueyrredon at a small kiosk on Av. Santa Fe just outside the subway entrance. The kiosk is not one of those on the sidewalk, it is tucked in the bottom of the stores. Look for the SUBE logo. They sell candies and cigarettes in the shop.
  3. We were told you need to show ID, a passport, but the clerk did not ask us for any ID. Ask for the SUBE card. Today it cost us 15 pesos. It is not loaded.
  4. After purchasing the card you must go down into the subway to the ticket booth and have it charged. (loaded with credits)
  5. Now you can use the buses. Take the card back to the subway or one of the many shops displaying the logo to have it charged when it becomes low after using it. A bus ride is about 35 cents U.S.