Draw a Lizard in MS Paint

MS Paint is a pretty simple program, and there are many alternatives available, some of which are free. Most computers, however, have MS Paint installed by default. Knowing how to draw a variety of things on this program can be handy. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to draw a lizard.


  1. Select the polygon tool(shaped like a grey "L" shape).
  2. Choose your desired thickness.
  3. Choose your favorite color.
  4. Use the polygon tool to draw the main outline of the lizard.
  5. Choose a color and use the fill tool to fill your outline with your desired color
  6. Select the oval shape and choose your desired thickness and draw two circles for each of the lizard's limbs.One for the joint and one for the claw. The circle closest to the body should be slightly smaller.
  7. Select the polygon tool again and use the diagram to join up to circles to form limbs. Remember once you have reached point "7" to join up to point "1" again.
  8. Fill the joints using the fill tool
  9. Select a paintbrush tool and choose the 8px size and draw four dots (by clicking where you want to place the dot) around each foot for toes. They should come out black.
  10. Change the paintbrush setting to the 1px size and freehand, draw a line joining all the dots in the previous step to the corresponding foot.
  11. Change the paintbrush setting to the 5px size and click inside each of the toes to create a green dot.
  12. Decorate your House a Lizard
  13. Using the brush tool and the 1px size, draw eyes by following the diagram.
  14. Select the line tool and the red square on the palette and draw a tongue if you wish by drawing a "V" shape.


  • Some of the diagrams are hard to see in thumbnails. Click on the image to see a larger version.
  • Whenever using MS Paint, be sure to save as a .PNG file. JPG files will be pixelated and your image will be ruined.
  • For the sake of clarity, the instructions specify that the lizard is green, however you can alter this to any colour you want. Try a blue lizard with a pink pattern or a black lizard with a red pattern for example.

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