Decorate a Valentine's Day Cake

{{format}#A cake is not a typical Valentine's Day gift, but if your love loves cake or you're throwing a Valentine's day party, a suitably decorated cake makes a great gift or party centre piece. There's not one way to do this, this article has suggestions and ideas. Decorate your cake to suit the person/people eating it!



  1. Make or buy a cake. Any cake will do. If may wish to make or buy a heart shaped cake. Choose a pink, red, purple or a white cake to keep the love theme if you want.
  2. Second, You may get the designing ingredients such as hearts, cartoon couples or anything that is related to valentines
  3. Consider putting the icing very well, using a spatula or an icing bag with a rosette below!

Decorating More

  1. Next put red flower petals on the plate to add a very valentiny look! To add off!
  2. And write the person who is recieving the cake in the plate also in normal cursive or your name!
  3. Add hearts on the plate or heart candies/heart sprinkles, anything that has to do with hearts!


  • Make sure you know how to bake and decorate
  • you may also hire a baker and tell him how to decorat it
  • you can also go to a cake shop and request


  • Warning, some baking tools are dangerous and not to be used for children
  • Or if you are a child, or baking for a contest for a child! You may need a supervisor/ adult or you may need to be very very very careful