Rescue Someone from a Burning Car

Rescuing someone yourself is something you shouldn't do unless the car is on fire, or smoking and leaking gasoline. You should always call the Emergency Services first. However in emergencies you have to act, even against some common rules.


  1. Divert traffic away from the burning vehicle. Use your car and park it behind the wrecked car, at least {{safesubst:#invoke:convert|convert}} away, and turn on your hazard lights. Deploy traffic cones and other traffic control devices if you have them. In generally other vehicles are far more dangerous for you than the risk of an explosion.
  2. Know that a car will not explode until the gas tank is empty of gasoline. Liquids are not explosive, vapor from a flammable substance is. So a leaking gas tank raises the risk of an explosion.
  3. Call the Emergency Services. Tell your location, what has happened, how many persons are in danger and wait for further questions.
  4. Estimate the danger. Think first, then act.
  5. Attempt to extinguish the fire, if you have a fire extinguisher. Get the spurt directly in the flames. Use your little capacity as efficiently and as quickly as possible.
  6. Try to communicate with the passengers. Rush to the driver's window and check how many passengers there are. If they are conscious tell them to unbuckle themselves and try to get out.
  7. Get in safely. If the doors are smashed in, try to take them out through the windows. If the windows are not completely smashed out, take your shirt off and wrap your fist in it. Punch through the glass and rip large shards off, so the person can get out. Don't take a lot of time doing this, cuts are not as life threatening as an explosion.
  8. Unbuckle their seatbelts. If the buckling mechanism is damaged the belt will need to be cut.
  9. Pull the occupants out of the car. The explosion will certainly kill them, if they are not removed.
  10. Carry the victims away. When the victim is out of the car, carry / drag them hastily away from the dangerous car, at least a good {{safesubst:#invoke:convert|convert}}, try putting them behind your car.
  11. Do this for as many people as you can.


  • If you know CPR, do it if necessary.
  • Remember, as soon as the paramedics get there, BACK OFF. They are professionals, let them handle it.
  • If you want to buy a fire extinguisher for your car, look for one of those with at least 2kg extinguishing agent. It should be fixed under a seat or in the car trunk.
  • If the occupant is impaled by something, leave them alone, because removing the item (Pole, wooden branch, metal something) may cause more bleeding and possibly death. Don't touch that person.


  • Change your clothes afterwards, if you had been exposed to smoke. The smoke particles in your clothes might become harmful.
  • DON'T try to be a hero, try to do what you think is right.
  • Be aware of airbags when you enter a damaged car. After an accident airbags are a great source of danger. Avoid to get in a position where an airbag could harm you.
  • This is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS, only do it if you think it needs to be done.

Things You'll Need

  • Courage
  • Strength

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