Describe briefly art and ar chitecture during the Indus Valley civilization

Various Statues and figurines have been found at various sites in the Indus Valley which show the progress in the art of sculpture. The statues, which were found are those of a strong watch dog, young bull, a shawl wearing yogi, a dancing girl with her hand on her hip and another dancer standing on his right leg, while the left one is placed in the front.

Indus Valley people were great craftsmen. Some specimens of the pottery found suggest that they were skilled craftsmen. The glazed pottery of the Indus Valley people is regarded as "the earliest example of its kind in the ancient world."

Indus Valley people loved painting. Various designs and different figures were drawn on earthen wares and the utensils.

Numerous seals have also been found, which reveal the engravings of animals, such as buffalo, bison, rhinoceros, tiger, deer and humped bull.

Indus valley people had developed the art of writing and used pictographic script. The script has not been deciphered yet. According to Sir John Mrashall, it should be read from left to right. While Dr. Prem Nath believes that it is similar to that of Sumerians, which was read from right to left.