Dig a Job from Hidden Job Market

In today's world, job finding is becoming harder and harder every day. This may be due to a recession in the overall world market. But some economists believe that job market situation tends to remain almost the same despite the recession. They are of the opinion that a small shortage of jobs could lead to better productivity because employers get choice to select the best candidates. On the other side where those surplus would go if the employers need more people to have a choice. Anyway, job searchers should be smart enough to get a job.

Here are some solutions to deal with the situation:


  1. Dig the hidden market by doing cold calls or guide the employers to create a job for you. This is possible if you have good negotiation abilities.
  2. Anyone who is looking for a job has to study the companies and do some research about them. After analyzing the companies, one should contact the prospected company or employer about to create a job for you.
  3. Explore yourself and inform the employers of your abilities and that you would be very beneficial for them.
  4. Jump in as an ordinary low level employee and then find some help from inside for a good job in that company.
  5. Find a good head hunter and pay some fee if you really want to find a very good paying job. Headhunters have links to HR people in big companies and they can get you hired. Make sure the headhunter is competent before you hire him.
  6. Find someone who is already working in certain organization and collect inside information and jump in when they need a person to work for them.

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