Draw a Beach Scene

Even if you're not on vacation this second, a beach scene can be nice to look at and is certainly enjoyable to draw. Follow these simple steps to draw a beach with just a few curved lines!


  1. Draw a straight line to form the sea.Then, put a curvy line 2 cm below the straight line to create the coast of the beach.
  2. Draw parallel but curved lines to form the log of the palm trees. If you want your palm tree can just stick out straightly from the side of the coast, but no matter what make sure you keep your lines parallel.
  3. Add the sun. Draw a half circle and some clouds made of several circles.
  4. Draw the palm leaves on your tree. Draw banana-shaped forms attached to the end of the log on the tip. Do so all around the end of the trunk until you have a sufficiently full-leaved palm tree.
  5. Add another palm tree if you wish. To do so just follow the palm tree-drawing steps prior to this one. Erase the lines inside the cloud you drew before, as well as any other unnecessary marks.
  6. Use green and brown for the trees, a pale yellow for the sand, and some shade of blue/orange for the sky (depending on what time of day it is). The water will reflect these colors as well, so keep that in mind.


  • Draw lightly in pencil so that you can easily rub out mistakes.
  • Also make creatures if you want, or a dolphin/shark fin sticking out from the water etc.
  • When you finish your drawing you can make the outline of your drawing by color sketch pens or by a marker.
  • You can also add things that you would find on a beach like beach balls, towels, sandcastles, footprints on sand, or a beach chair or a sandcastle and a volleyball net.
  • Colour it lightly.

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