Draw the Eiffel Tower

Millions of tourists flock to France every year to view the tallest tower in Paris, the Eiffel Tower. It has been the main tourist attraction in Paris. Built in 1889, the Eiffel Tower was constructed as an archway to the World's Fair. It was named after Gustave Eiffel whose company designed and built the tower. La Tour Eiffel (French for "The Eiffel Tower") has been the subject of numerous postcards, paintings, and songs and is an internationally recognized symbol of France.

With these easy steps, you can learn to draw your very own Eiffel Tower!


Front View Profile Perspective

  1. Draw the basic shapes of the Eiffel Tower. Draw a curved triangle and another smaller one inside of that.
  2. Draw the levels of the Eiffel Tower. On top, just a bit below the tip of the Build a Champagne Tower, draw a line. Now, almost halfway down the triangle draw a horizontal line and again halfway from that, draw another line.
  3. Draw a curved line (half an oval) as shown. This forms the arch at the base of the Eiffel Tower.
  4. Sketch in details for each level as shown
  5. Now draw a series of "X"'s in between the Draw a Greek Column. The sizes of the X's vary depending on where you will be putting them in the drawing. Start with the larger ones at the base of the tower and decrease their size as you progress to the top.
    • Draw in vertical lines through the Xs as shown to create the impression of the steel structure.
    • Add in the base blocks of the Eiffel Tower as shown.
  6. Outline the entire drawing in a fine pointed marker. Erase the guidelines.
  7. Color in the Eiffel tower. Although optional, this step completes the look. You are done!

Looking Up Perspective

  1. Compared to the standard or profile view of the tower, this drawing is drawn as if you are looking at the tower from below, from a worm's eye view. Draw guidelines according to that perspective, as shown.
  2. Draw in a much smaller curved triangle and smaller one inside that. Draw another thinner set of triangles for the back part.
  3. Now sketch in the levels. Remember that the parts will seem to be closer due to the perspective the picture is being drawn in.
  4. Due to the perspective, the lower inside part of the tower is shown. Therefore, instead of just drawing one to two half ovals, draw four of them, to connect the columns. Always remember to add Volume.
  5. Sketch in details. Draw in the X's and lines in between each column. Follow the image here as a guide for placement of the X's.
  6. Outline in the tower using a fine marker. Erase the guidelines.
  7. Color it in and you are done!


  • The Eiffel Tower is a wonderfully versatile drawing that can be added to cards, invitations, posters, paintings, t-shirt prints, pavement chalk drawings, and more.
  • Make lots of effects by smudging areas or outlining it.

Things You'll Need

  • Quality drawing paper
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Fine marker
  • Coloring in pencils, paints, markers, etc.

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