Draw a Lake

Drawing a calm, peaceful lake is fairly simple. Much of the realism comes from using the right colors and strokes to create the right atmosphere for a lake setting.


  1. Look at photographs of lakes for inspiration. See how their shapes are often nebulous and defined by the surrounding environment. Therefore, it doesn't really make sense to draw the shape of a lake.
  2. Instead, decide how much space you'd like the lake to take up, and roughly what area it would encompass. Feel free to sketch these boundaries in pencil as a guide.
  3. Decide where you would like this lake to be set. Is it huddled amongst a forest of trees, or is it part of a marsh teeming with wildlife? Draw in the surrounding environment, as appropriate.
  4. Lakes often are surrounded by water plants with thin blades. Draw a series of curved lines that start near one circular point and fan out towards the outside. One group of these blades represents one water plant, but the boundaries between each plant are often unclear, as they grow over each other.
  5. Trees are great addition to lake scenes, so learn how to draw different types of trees with leaves. Start with this basic type or the the bonsai.
  6. Draw animals! Birds (flying or Draw a Cute Bird), Draw a Rainforest Frog, Draw a Ladybug and Draw Insects are all great additions to make a lake scene lively.
  7. Decide what time you would like your drawing to be set, and draw in the sky. If it's a Draw Your Own Sunrise or sunset, fill the sky with beautiful oranges, yellows, pinks, purples and reds. If it's the middle of the day, go with a crisp blue day with clouds.
  8. Don't forget to add in the lake's reflection! Make sure the sky you picked and the surroundings are hazily reflected in the lake's waters. Reflections should be fainter and fuzzier than the actual thing, so use lighter strokes and pay less attention to detail for this part.

Things You'll Need

  • The things you will need is a sheet of any kind of paper.
  • You will need a sharpened pencil with an eraser.

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