Draw a Christmas Landscape

The key to drawing a Christmas landscape is in the details. You have to be creative to make your snowy landscape look different than all the other snowy landscapes. Here are two methods to draw a Christmas winter scene. Keep practicing and you'll be able to add a third.


First Method

  1. Start by drawing the land. Since this is a winter landscape, the ground will be covered with snow.
  2. Draw another curved line on the background of the first.
  3. Draw two or more pine trees. If you notice, they look like triangles with jagged edges.
  4. Add a Christmas star in the sky. Add a star on each of the trees. Don't forget to put a little bit of snow on the tree.
  5. Now you're ready to paint your drawing. Use soft colors like sky blue, and a very pale purple and white for the sky and snow. And, of course, paint the trees green. Use gradients and texture as you wish.

Second Method

  1. Draw curvy lines. This will eventually become snow and hills.
  2. Start sketching the sky. Draw clouds, and, if desired, add a sun or moon. Make sure that you don't add anything onto the bottom section.
  3. Draw a Christmas tree. Add lights and ornaments.
  4. Add in a snowman or two.
  5. Add details. Consider adding falling snow, or animals such as Draw a Reindeer.
  6. Outline your drawing with permanent media (like ink,marker,sketch pen,etc. ). Make sure to erase all your guidelines.
  7. Color it and you're done!


  • Draw additional stars in the sky.

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