Draw a Haunted House

A haunted house or a ghost house may be the last place you or other people want to be in. These estates all over the world are usually abandoned since many years ago. They are filled with eerie stories that would give you goosebumps and sometimes nightmares. Let's begin!


A Traditional Haunted House

  1. Draw two trapezoids of different orientations which overlap each other. This will be the framework.
  2. Draw trapezoids above the trapezoids in step 1 to resemble the roofs.
  3. Draw the features of the front of the house by using straight lines which with some lines having border lines. Use simple polygon shapes.
  4. Draw the windows using irregular trapezoids with border lines.
  5. Draw the chimney using straight lines and also the dead trees using crooked and straight lines.
  6. Trace with a pen and erase unnecessary sketches.
  7. Color to your liking (use dark colors)!

A Cartoon Haunted House

  1. Draw an outline of the house. Make the structure to appear bulging.
  2. Draw a horizontal line and a vertical line to create a roof and a partition.
  3. Draw two chimneys. One should be in front (erase horizontal line overlapping the chimney in step two) and one at the back of the pointy roof.
  4. Draw two windows on the lower roof. Make the upper portion of the window curvy. Draw a circular window for the attic and draw rectangular windows on the lower part of the house. Remember to make the two windows in front larger. This will create an illusion that these windows are nearer to the viewer.
  5. Draw a triangular shape below the roof.
  6. Make the door slightly opened. This adds mystery to our drawing.
  7. A haunted house would not be complete without dead trees. Make the trees pointy and crooked.
  8. Now we can add colors to our outline. The windows could also be colored white but coloring it yellow creates a spooky feel which makes it perfect for a haunted house. Now the haunted house is complete. Boo!

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