Draw a Cartoon Woman

Do you need to draw a woman for a school project, greeting card for a friend and just plain bored and feel like doing some drawing? Follow this step-by-step how to for instructions on how to draw a cartoon woman.


  1. Draw a circle, which will be the woman's head.
  2. Draw a small neck with large rectangle beneath it.
  3. Draw some small feet.
  4. Draw her arms and fingers.
  5. Draw her waist.
  6. Bring the body in and then out for the Rock Your Hips to give her a more womanly shape.
  7. Draw her ears, and add earrings if you so desire.
  8. Draw her hair.
  9. Draw her facial features, including her eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth.
  10. Add her T-shirt collar and waist belt.
  11. Add some sleeves to her shirt.
  12. Outline your woman's pants with a Do a Simple Marker Trick or dark colored pen.
  13. Draw some shoes for your woman.


  • Coloring it will make it look more awesome.
  • Using a pencil will make fixing errors much easier as you can simply erase, and start over again.
  • draw lightly so if you make a mistake, when you erase it, you can't see the outline.
  • When you draw lines that you don't want to show in the drawing, do it very lightly with a pencil or gray/white crayon.

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