Drive a Truck As a Paralysed Person

Many people who are newly disabled think owning and driving a truck will become an impossibility, but with the right adaptations, a truck can become an accessible vehicle.


  1. Have an automated seat installed that comes out of the truck, turns sideways, and comes down to allow you to transfer from your wheelchair.
  2. Have a mechanic install a boom in the back of the truck that can pick up your wheelchair and put it in the back of the truck while you drive.
  3. Have your truck topper motorized so that it can close by itself once your wheelchair is safely in the back.
  4. Have hand controls installed so you can drive using your hands and arms.
  5. Enjoy your accessible truck!


  • Keep in touch with others in the disability community to stay abreast of new accessible vehicle technology. A better way to make your truck accessible could be invented any day!


  • Choose your mechanic carefully. A broken boom or seat could leave you stranded.

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