Find a Job Using Search Sites

Searching in the papers for a job are in the days of the past, the newest rage is putting job openings on websites. This draws in a wider audience, is easier to find, and is much less expensive to fund. Finding a job on these websites can be found in the steps below.


  1. The internet is your friend, search popular job sites.
  2. There are a lot of websites that enable you to search for jobs, some of them are specialized in certain geographical region like websites for "jobs in USA", "jobs in Canada" ... etc, others are for certain categories of jobs "Construction jobs", "IT jobs" ... etc.
  3. This makes it difficult to say which site is best for you since this depends on your qualifications and also on your needs.
  4. Below is a list of online job search websites:
  5. Find job search sites specific to your industry, like if you're into farming or if you're into finance.
  6. Go to a standard search engine and type in:

    +[position sought] +[city or region of choice] +salary

    Type in the actual word "salary" not your desired salary. This should yield job listings scattered throughout the Internet.
  7. Post your resume on the major job boards and the niche job sites specific to your industry or role. If you're currently employed and your job search is in "stealth mode," anonymize your contact info and perhaps employer names - you could use "a mid-size consumer products manufacturer" or something of the like instead of the company's name.


  • Many companies that accept applications online require you to register in order to submit your application. Make sure you are focused only on companies you really want to work for as registering can take a long time.
  • Clean up your social network profiles! Employers DO check this and if they see pictures of you drunk on your Facebook profile, it can cost you the job you don't even have yet.
  • Make sure to follow up on applications.
  • Where possible, create job search "agents" with keywords specific to the job you're looking for and in the location you want to work. Many job boards have this feature and it can save you a lot of time by having jobs emailed to you rather than you spending hours and hours trolling through the job boards.
  • If you really want to get a job, make sure to make contact with a person in the company or organization in which you hope to be gainfully employed. Phone calls are best but email is also a good way. LinkedIn and other social networking sites can be a very useful way to connect with people at your target companies.


  • Simply submitting your resume to companies via their online submission pages will not help much if you do not follow up by calling or emailing the Human Resources person in charge of looking at resumes. Many resumes submitted online are simply filed and rarely referenced.
  • Read the directions! If a job posting says "no calls", don't follow up with a phone call. If a job posting says to email your resume with "XYZ Job Posting" in the subject line of your email, by all means make that the subject line of your email.

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