Get a Job at 13 Without Avoiding the Child Labor Laws

For certain, a lot of 13 to 14 year olds would love to get a job right now but it is hard and often the laws prevent it. If you know the right person, however, it may be possible to get a job and get paid - all without being related to that person.


  1. Ask around. If you know somebody that works for an organization or a club see if you can work for them doing odd chores around the place, such as weeding, cleaning out old files etc.
  2. Check out the local store. You can also go down to your local convenience store and ask if they need any extra help restocking shelves or sweeping up before closing. Simple tasks that would usually be viewed as round-the-house/ neighborhood chores are the type of thing you're aiming for, as the store is unlikely to be able to employ you in any retail capacity.
  3. Try neighborhood jobs. Such tasks as babysitting, mowing lawns, paper route, car washing, etc. are all suitable. Or, if you know what you're doing, you might start your own home business, such as maybe making stationery or just doing chores.
  4. Consider working for the actual items that you want instead of taking cash.
  5. Try farms. If there are farms in your area, see if they will hire you. In many areas, the age for employment is lower in agriculture than in other places of work.
  6. Be patient. Now here's one more thing that could help; wait till you're old enough, it's always fun to wait till you are older to get a job, even if it is part time. Sometimes if you do want a job, see if there's any way that you could fit out your schedule for after school hours but you should still wait, sometimes your hours might be way too tight to fit anything else in. And remember, you have a lot of life ahead of you working, during which there will probably be times when you wished you didn't have to work. So enjoy the learning and fun now, while you can.


  • Act mature and polite, or no one will take you seriously.
  • Smile at your interviewer. It's always great to meet your possibly future boss with a nice attitude!
  • Create a great resume (a sheet of paper that tells everyone about previous jobs and your activities and interests), so that the person who is hiring you will know all of your past experiences. It's very important to tell the truth; don't lie or exaggerate your work experience.
  • You should dress appropriately. This means don't wear that suit! Girls could wear an appropriate-length skirt, or some nice pants with a blouse. Guys can wear a pair of jeans with a nice casual shirt tucked in with a belt.
  • You could always ask your parents for some chores you could get paid for. Don't expect too much though; maybe your parents expect you to do your chores because you live in their house and they raise you.
  • Don't ever lie on your interview paper, because that could get you in lots of trouble.


  • Some jobs don't usually hire 13-14 years olds, so don't get too upset if you don't get it. They have to uphold the laws and the laws are there for a good reason, namely to protect children from exploitation. You are still too young to be able to defend yourself against predatory behavior such as underpaying you, harassing you and threatening you. Your parents remain responsible for taking good care of you if things like this happen in your life but in a job, you are expected to take care of yourself. It's a fine balance and you should enjoy the time out of the workforce and have fun doing teen things.

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