Install 5W Angel Eyes Bulbs for BMW E60 5 Series

This installation will show you how to replace the stock BMW E60 5 Series halogen ring marker bulbs with 5W LED replacement bulbs.


  1. Remove the BMW E60 5 Series' headlamp. Open the car's hood and locate the headlight. There will be five (5) Torx screws that will have to removed in order to remove the headlight. Three (3) are located on the top and are circled in red on the image; two (2) more are behind the headlight. The headlight may have to be gently wiggled and moved around to get it out.
  2. Disconnect the headlight. Set the headlight on top of your engine bay and remove the wire harness that is attached to it.
  3. Remove the stock halogen ring marker bulbs. Twist open the angel eye housing cap. On the image, this is shown as circled in red. The reason why you want to remove the headlight is because it is a very tight space to work with and you will have more leverage in replacing the light.
  4. See that the high beam bulb is blocking the way. Simply twist and remove the high beam bulb and set it aside. Twist and remove the angel eye bulb as well.
  5. Replace the stock bulb with a 5w LED Angel Eye Marker bulb. Follow the steps in reverse order to re-assembly all the components back together. Repeat the same procedure on the other side.
  6. Test that your new 5W LED BMW Angel Marker bulbs are functioning properly.



  • It is essential to remove the headlamp to gain good access.
  • Always wait until the car has cooled down before changing bulbs.