Install Courtesy Lights on a Plymouth Neon

Most luxury cars have them. Now you can create a nicer environment on your car by installing floor lights (also named "courtesy lights") on a Plymouth Neon, spending less than $10.


  1. Remove the fuse panel cover on the left side of the dash (The driver's door must be open otherwise you can't see it)
  2. Inside you will find a green relay (a box that's bigger than the rest of the fuses, bottom part of the fuse box). Remove it.
  3. Using 18-gauge twin wire, connect one wire to terminal No. 2 and the other one to terminal No. 4 of the relay. These numbers are marked on the fuse panel. If there is no terminal No. 4 (depending on your car's model), choose terminal No. 5.
  4. Get the wire through the opening under the fuse box and run it under the dash.
  5. Connect back the relay.
  6. Cut the wire to the desired length so the bulb illuminates from the center (right above the gas pedal) and connect each wire to the socket.
  7. Connect the other part of the twin wire to the same socket and run it behind the plastic organizer toward the passenger side and connect the other socket.
  8. Tape all the wire terminals with isolating tape.
  9. Plug the bulbs and fasten them in place using zip ties.


  • Lights may need a bit of adjustment after the installation, try to leave them totally hidden. Once they are working, open the car's doors and stand outside, bend over a little and check that you don't see the bulbs, just the light. They will work just like the dome light. Lit when you open the door and off when it is closed.
  • This how-to applies to Plymouth Neon 1995-1999


  • Make sure you disconnect the negative end of the car's battery before starting this job to prevent blowing a fuse or damaging the relay by accidentally short-circuiting the wires. Doing this may require you to re-adjust the clock, re-program stored radio stations and stuff like that upon finishing.
  • Remember to connect back the battery once you're finished.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 GM-style side light sockets
  • Two #158 light bulbs
  • Approx. {{safesubst:#invoke:convert|convert}}. of 18-gauge twin-wire
  • Isolating tape
  • Peeling pliers

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