Add Extra Lights to a Car

Add new lights


  1. Depending on how you want your lights to power on, you have several different ways to hook up new lights. You can tap into the vehicles voltage for existing lights, or run a power wire to the battery, off a switch, and to a suitable ground on the car. Make sure you research after you make your final decision.
  2. Find a suitable location for mounting. You should have plenty of room on all sides of your new lights. Drill, clip, or tape the lights into place. Make sure it won't fly off!
  3. Figure out what size of wire you'll need. Usually 16 gauge will suffice. Also figure out the length of the wire you need. Its better to have too much and cut down than not enough and add more.
  4. Figure out a way to get 2 lengths of wire through the firewall for the switch.
  5. Do the wiring, making sure to connect the right polarities.


  • Research.


  • Always be careful around electricity. Automobiles can produce hazardous amounts of power and can cause injury or death.

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