Make a Friend Jealous

There are many reasons for wanting to make your friend jealous. Maybe she has been putting you down non-stop, trying to steal your friends or your man, or just making you feel completely insignificant. If you want to make your friend jealous, you just have to make her see that you're just fine without her, and that your life is too busy and exciting for you to make time for her. If you want to know how to make a friend jealous, just follow these steps.


Flaunting Your Relationships

  1. Flaunt your other friendships. The number one way to make your friend jealous is to make him or her feel completely irrelevant to you. The easiest way to do this is to act like you have so many amazing friends who are such cool, Interesting people that you don't really have time for your old friend anyway. Here are some ways to make your friend feel like you have so many amazing friendships that you can't really bother with him or her:
    • When you're with the friend, talk about how amazing one of your other friends is. Talk about the other friend's great sense of style, humor, or her ability to be an amazing friend. Don't be too obvious about it -- just try to sneak this point into a conversation.

    • When another friend comes up to you, act all excited to see him or her by saying "Hi!" and giving the friend a big hug and generally turning into a chatterbox around the friend. When your old friend approaches you, don't ignore her, but just say "Hey" and act like it's no big deal that she's there. She will notice the difference.

    • You should always talk about the latest cool thing you did with your other friends without inviting your old friend to come along.

  2. Show your love for your significant other. One easy way to make your friend jealous is to make her see how amazing your relationship is. If your friend is single and really wants to date someone, then you should talk about what a great boyfriend or girlfriend you have, talk about the latest romantic thing he or she did for you, and brag about all of the fun weekend plans you have with your special someone.
    • When your friend calls, you can sound all excited when she picks up the phone. Then you can say, "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were my boyfriend/girlfriend."

    • If you friend asks you to hang out, say you'll be doing one fun thing or another with your significant other, even if it's not true.

    • If your boyfriend or girlfriend gives you an amazing gift, don't be afraid to flaunt it to make your friend jealous.

  3. Talk about all of your amazing plans. Another way to make your friend jealous is to talk about all of the amazing plans you have coming up, whether it's a trip to the beach with a few of your girlfriends, or a weekend getaway with your beau. You can even talk about how you're counting down the days until you can do these things, or you can talk about how you're preparing to hang out with your friends or significant other. Just talk about how excited you are to do fun things with people other than your friend.
    • Act like it wouldn't even cross your mind to invite your friend along.

    • When you're done talking about your fun plans, your friend might try to counter with something equally cool that he or she is doing. If this happens, act like you're hardly paying attention.

  4. Spend a lot of time on your phone. If you want your friend to feel like you have too many great relationships to really spend time with her, then you can use your phone to drive the point home. When you're alone together, spend half the time texting other friends and laughing at their responses, or just giving the phone a sly smile every few minutes. Make it clear that talking to your friend is your last priority.
    • When your friend tries to get your attention, just keep saying, "Uh-uh," and make it clear that you're not really listening cause you care more about what your other friends, who aren't even there, have to say.

    • You can even answer the occasional phone call while your friend is right there.

    • Just remember that this behavior, while effective, will also be incredibly annoying.

  5. Show off your pets. If you have the cutest kitten or dog in the world, chances are that your friend is already jealous. You can make your friend even more jealous by showing her photos of your pet, posting photos of your pet on Facebook, or talking about how you don't know what you would do without your beloved pet at your side. This will be particularly effective if your friend has always wanted a pet.
    • If your friend is trying to tell you something important, keep changing the subject to something silly about your lovely pets.

Flaunting Your Attitude

  1. Make your friend marvel at your positive attitude. Even if you're feeling down in the dumps, you need to act positive as much as you can. Laugh easily, have a big smile on your face, and talk about the things that genuinely make you happy. This is not only good general life advice, but a great way to make your friend jealous. At the end of the day, what we all want the most is to be happy with our lives, and if your friend thinks that this comes so easily to you, he or she will get even more jealous.
    • Even if you have a small setback, just say, "I know I'll do great next time." Be relentlessly optimistic.
    • Talk about your favorite parts of school, sports, or any activities you're involved in, so your friend thinks you love every aspect of your life.
    • Talk about how excited you are for the future and talk about all of the things you want to do, whether it's to go to a great college, land an amazing job, or go kayaking in Hawaii. Your friend will be jealous that you have so much to look forward to.
  2. Never show weakness. Though you may be feeling weak or insecure, you can't let your friend see that side of you. You have to remain confident, keep your head up high, and act like you have life under control. If you need serious life advice, ask someone else for it. You don't want to do or say anything that would make your friend think, "So it looks like he/she isn't so perfect after all..."
    • Even if you're not feeling confident, having the right body language helps. Stand tall with your arms at your sides, your shoulders high, and take determined steps while looking ahead instead of at the ground.
    • If your friend reveals a weakness, you can try to help her out, but never try to comfort her by relating to her problems. You don't have problems, remember?
  3. Show off your ability to charm new people. Never look awkward or uncomfortable in a new social situation. Your friend should see that your attitude is to tackle any new social situation as an adventure, and that you're excited at the prospect of meeting new people, and therefore having new friends, that are even better than your current friend. Make it look like it's no big deal to make new friends, even if you're nervous on the inside.
    • When you're in a new social situation, ask people their names, ask them relevant questions that make them feel important, and talk about how much you'd love to hang out if it's going well, so your new friend will be jealous.
  4. Don't try so hard. Though bragging from time to time or finding a sly way to talk about your friends or significant other as much as you can will definitely be far from humble, you shouldn't make too much of an effort to make your friend jealous. If you're constantly talking about how amazing your life is, your friend will see that you're just trying to impress her. Instead, act like you're fine on your own, that everything is great, and that you don't really care what anyone, including your friend, thinks of you.
    • Sometimes, just letting your friend notice how lucky you are and how great your life is instead of pointing it out can be more effective.
    • Don't say, "Isn't that awesome?" or "Isn't that great?" after you talk about something in your life. Let your friend see that it is great.
  5. Get lots of attention from the opposite sex without trying. Your friend should think that you don't have any anxiety or nervousness when it comes to the opposite sex, and that you have a chill attitude that makes other people gravitate toward you. Don't talk about how nervous you are about meeting boys or how you never know what to say. Instead, talk about how cool it is to meet new guys or girls, or even act disinterested, like you couldn't possibly care about all of the attention you're getting.
    • And if your friend starts getting attention from the opposite sex? Act like you couldn't possibly care less.

Flaunting Your Lifestyle

  1. Be completely unavailable. If you really want your friend to be jealous, then you have to act like you're so busy, happy, and interested in your own life that you can barely be bothered with the friend. Take hours to respond to her texts, don't pick up the phone half the time when she calls, and just always act like you're excited about something on the horizon. When you do hang out with your friend, make sure you never stay that long, because you of course have something more important to do afterwards.
    • Don't be too eager to hang out with your friend when she asks. Let it be known that if she wants to make plans with you, she has to ask one or two weeks in advance so you can "fit her into your schedule."
  2. Show off your stuff. If you want your friend to be jealous, then you have to have great clothes, the latest iPhone, perfect hair, and even the nicest school supplies in town. Make sure your friend sees your things, and let it be known that she can borrow them, if she wants; this will show that you have superior stuff. You don't have to shove your cool stuff in your friend's face. Just letting her see you using it is enough.
    • Always be a step ahead of her. If she has a Blackberry, you get an iPhone; if she has Maybelline makeup, you get MAC or Chanel; if she has an Mp3 player, you get an iPod touch.
  3. Look hot with no effort. So it obviously does take effort to look hot, but you should make it look like it comes completely naturally to you. Don't ever let your friend see you stressing out over what clothes to wear, what makeup to put on, or about how to wear your hair. You should figure all of that out before you see your friend, so what she sees is the final product, not the thought that you put into it.
    • If she compliments your clothes, even if they're new, say, "This old thing? Thanks." Be very casual about it.
    • Wear really cute stuff that complements your body type and your attitude. Wear bright colors to show your 'bright' attitude and remember to always look positive.
    • Work out often because then she'll be jealous that you have such a cute, fit body. Plus, being healthy is never a bad thing!
  4. Take good care of your hair. Who doesn't want beautiful, healthy hair? Your friend is bound to be jealous of your shiny, soft hair.
    • Shower daily. Using a volumizing or moisturizing shampoo is recommended because it will definitely help your hair Additionally, wash your hair with the coldest water you can handle because it will help keep your scalp from being oily.
    • Condition. Condition the middle to the ends of your your hair and leave in for 5 minutes then wash out.
  5. Be a good student without trying. Okay, so this is actually impossible, but you can definitely make it look like you're getting an endless stream of As without lifting a finger. If you get a perfect test grade, pretend to look surprised or say, "I barely studied for that." The key is to make it look like you've achieved effortless perfection; your friend won't be as jealous if he or she knows you spent five hours studying for the test.
    • If you get really good grades, you shouldn't talk about what an amazing student you are all the time. Let your friend hear it from someone else.
    • If you really want to be annoying, you can talk about how you really wanted an A in a class when all you got was an A-.
    • In general, don't ever mention the word "studying." It just isn't necessary for you, right?
  6. Talk about your amazing vacations. Who isn't jealous of an amazing vacation? If you're lucky enough to go on vacations regularly, make sure you mention them. You can do it casually, just by saying, "I have soooo much packing to do before I go to Hawaii with my family next week." Make it sound like it's no big deal, just a run-of-the-mill activity for you. If you know your friend doesn't go on a lot of trips, you can casually ask her what she'll be up to next summer, even if you know it'll be nothing.
    • You can post a few photos from your trip on Facebook, but minimize the enthusiastic captions. Let the images speak for themselves.
    • If you go on a fun trip with your friends, make sure you talk about how much fun it was, even if your friend wasn't invited.
  7. Use Facebook to show off. Facebook is the perfect place to inspire envy. You should aim to spend no more than 15-30 minutes a day on Facebook so it looks like you have a life and can't really be bothered with Facebook, but when you do go on, make it count. Post pictures of yourself looking hot and see how many likes you get. Post pictures of you and your friends and significant other having an amazing time. Wait for your friend to see your photos or statuses and to get very, very jealous.
    • The occasional status update saying what cool concert or restaurant you're going to can help make your friend feel jealous and left out.
    • Even if your friend comments on your photos a lot, try ignore her photos or updates as much as you can. Remember, you can't really be


  • Show her how you don't need her by being with other people.
  • Hang out with your other friends in front of her so she can see you are having more fun around them then with her.
  • Try to act bored around her, but don't make it too obvious. If she chats with you make a lame excuse to leave. Ex.) Hey I gotta go do my homework. Make sure it's not a good excuse so that she knows you don't want to talk to her.
  • Make them think you're having fun.
  • If you talk to the person you want to make jealous, try to talk about your new friend,or about the cool stuff you have and do.
  • By the way, if you try too hard, or she figures out what you're doing, she MIGHT not want to be your friend, or even talk to you again.
  • Don't be too mean. Act like you are the bigger person.
  • Show her that you are popular. Do that by being nice to everyone else and complimenting them. Make sure not to overdo it, though!
  • When she wants to talk to you, ignore her and talk to other friends. This will make her feel jealous.
  • If you are sharing something like chips, food, offer to everyone except him/her.
  • Make sure that you don't tell anybody your plan because they might run off and tell her.
  • To make your friend jealous, you should talk like you are bragging. But don't make it too obvious.
  • Don't reply to texts or calls, and if you do, only do it a few hours after and when you do say you were really busy and couldn't take it then.
  • When talking to her on aim, "accidentally" put a message meant for another girl in that chat. Make sure she doesn't know the girl though, or she'll confirm if the girl is competition of not.
  • Be careful. This advice is more likely to be horrible than to make a friend jealous.
  • If you want her to feel bad, or get a hint go and like Facebook pages like:" I need to get some new friends" or whatever. If she did something bad, she'll think it was for her.
  • If she tries to bring memories back. act like you don't remember.
  • Tell her stories about your friends and what you did. Or tell her how sweet and kind they all are so she thinks that she isn't what your friends are.
  • It may take some time if your friend has a hard time paying attention or if you aren't trying hard enough.
  • Don't be mean, just don't pay attention to her/him.
  • Remember never to do it if they haven't done anything wrong. Be a friend.
  • Look awesome and talk with popular kids.
  • Talk about the guy she likes and how he flirted with you. Then, take a few steps back and watch her reaction.
  • When she/he is talking to you then just run off to someone you know and greet them
  • Be popular.
  • Point out her flaws, but make it sound like it's not on purpose. This will make her feel insecure and think you are way better than her
  • Love her and don't let her go if she didn't do anything!
  • Make her think that boys like you way more than her because you're cooler or nicer.
  • When she wants to hang out with you don't tell her you can't cuz ur to busy and keep telling her that till she leaves. for if she did it to you how wold you feel?
  • If she asks to go to your house say yes.


  • Be careful. Make sure you think before you act.
  • Don't do all of these in one day or she will know what you are doing quickly.
  • Trying to make someone jealous can make the people you want to impress dislike you, and distrust you. You might also get a bad reputation that will follow you when you try to make new friends.
  • Make sure the girl you're trying to make jealous really cares about you enough to be jealous of you. Otherwise, she won't notice or care.
  • The girl you are trying to make jealous could end up noticing what you're doing and turn a bunch of girls on you.
  • If people realise this is what you are trying to achieve, you may get bullied or mocked for it: BE CAREFUL!
  • You may lose your friend, so don't go overboard if you still care about her as a friend.
  • Don't be too obvious.
  • Don't be too rude or there might be a call home.
  • Ensure that you cannot save the friendship first, it may be easier.
  • In the end, make sure to remember that this person you're trying to make jealous is still your friend and you don't want to push them away. If you're going to follow this article, you're sure to make them jealous but you can also come off as a snob and conceited.

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