Retrieve Lost Items from Ride Sharing

Losing a phone, wallet or keys in a ride-sharing service is one of the worse feelings we experience in the 21st century. Do not panic because here are some step by step instructions that can be taken to retrieve items back from a ride-sharing company.


Retrieving Lost Items from Uber

  1. Identify the trip in which the item was lost. In order to retrieve a lost item from an Uber trip, the rider must first identify the exact date and time of the ride on the Uber app. By doing this you can get the time, date, driver, and vehicle that was used for your trip.
  2. Notify Uber of a lost item. On the Uber app (after the trip is identified), options will be presented to the user to give feedback on the trip. When those options are presented, the user will choose the option that says “I lost an item.” By doing that, Uber can contact the driver to retrieve your lost item.
  3. Contact the driver of the trip. After the customer selects the “I lost an item” option, more options appear. Select the first option, “Contact driver about a lost item”. The customer will then be prompted to type in a telephone number where they may be reached. When you contact the uber driver, describe the item to them and try and figure out any details that make it unique.
  4. Answer the driver's call and retrieve items if found. When the telephone number is entered, the driver is notified immediately and will call the customer to confirm whether or not the item is in their possession. If so, the driver and customer will establish a meeting place convenient for the customer to receive their lost items.

Retrieving Lost Items from Lyft

  1. Look for the trip receipt in an e-mail. After a Lyft ride, the customer is sent an email with a receipt of the trip. On that receipt, at the bottom is a button that says “Find lost item.”
  2. Give information about the lost item. When the “Find Lost Item” button is pressed, the customer is required to answer some questions about the trip or lost item and to describe what was lost and when it was lost. Make sure to give as much detail as possible. It will be easier to determine if they have the object in their position. When fully described, press “Send message.”
  3. Wait for a call back. When the message is sent, the driver will call the customer to say whether or not the lost item is in their possession or to make arrangements to give the property back to the owner. Once arrangements are made to pick up the item, go retrieve it from the driver.

Retrieving Lost Items from Taxi Cabs

  1. Identify the cab company used when the item was lost. If the customer did not receive a receipt or memorize the number of the taxi, then the name and phone number of the company have to be identified in order to contact them about the lost item. Riders can also receive a digital receipt if they paid with apple pay or google pay.
  2. Contact the cab company. After the company information is identified, call them and ask to speak to someone in the department that handles lost items. (Some cab companies will have automated representatives with instructions on how to transfer between departments.)
  3. Give the cab company background information and details. When telling the representative of the cab company about the lost item, the customer will need to provide a description of the item that was lost, the starting point of the ride, the destination, the time of the ride, and can even describe the driver if remembered. Make sure to be as descriptive as possible. By describing the object as much as possible the cab company can find it much easier.
  4. Plan to retrieve the lost item. According to the information given to the representative, if the item has not been returned to the company’s site the possible drivers of the customer’s cab are contacted and asked to look around their vehicles for the lost item. If the item is found, (depending on the location of the driver) the customer will be contacted and told to meet the driver or report to the company site to retrieve the lost item.


  • Share trip details with a friend or a family member. During the ride, riders are able to tap “share status” in the uber app. This will allow them to share their driver’s information such as name, photo and license plate.
  • If carpooling with other riders, always remember the people who were in the car during the ride.
  • Be kind and respectful to drivers. They are here to help!


  • Riders should always follow their instincts. Call 911 immediately, if the driver is putting anyone’s safety at risk.
  • Riders maybe be subject to a charge if the driver has to return a lost item.
  • There is no guarantee your items will be returned if you follow these steps.