Stop a Person From Bullying You

Bullying is never appropriate under any circumstance, no matter what type it is, and can be especially hurtful when it's being done to you. Rather than putting up with bullies, learn how to stop them and help keep them from hurting others as well. You'll be grateful you took action, and you may actually help the bully out as well.


  1. Ignore mean comments. If they tell the teacher that you ignored him or her, tell the teacher that s/he was bullying you and that he or she Deal With Someone Who Is Bothering You! (Have good bonds with the teacher(s) in order to do this) Never make the teacher hate you, s/he won't believe you and you will end up getting in trouble.
  2. Tell the teacher, a trusted adult, or friend about any bullying that you or someone else experiences and tell them how you feel about it. Don't be afraid to be called "tattletale", as you are doing the right thing by telling someone. If you don't feel comfortable telling them face to face, then write them a letter explaining your situation and give it to them. They will then most likely read it and approach you, wanting to assist you.
  3. Beware of frenemies and back-stabbers. If you think that your 'friend' is actually a backstabber or a frenemy, stop being friends with this person immediately.
  4. Run away from a physical bully. When they bully you, instead of fighting back, get away. Do it for your own safety, and if they chase you go to where there are other people. If they don't give up, go to the principal office as soon as you can, or go to a teacher who is nearby. If you don't do this quickly, the bully might see you and tell the teacher lies.
  5. Defend yourself only if you can't get away. Don't use high kicks, as the bully will just grab your leg and pull you down. When the bully gives up, don't become the bully by further hurting him or her, instead just calmly walk away.
  6. If you are socially bullied and have no friends, learn how to cope without friends and tell the principal as soon as possible.
  7. Develop a positive relationship with your principal and never be afraid of explaining your troubles. Be honest but don't be overly dramatic. No principal wants students getting hurt in their school.
  8. Stay with a group of friends. This really helps! When a bully gets close your group, they will protect you from him or her. The bully may not even approach you. If you don't have any friends, just try to stay as far away as possible from that bully or stay within sight of a teacher.
  9. Start eliminating problems one step at a time. Become friends with old bullies, or at least neutral friends. Be as kind as possible.
  10. Once you're down to one bully or no bullies, congratulate yourself. You probably have worked a long time to get here.
  11. Don't let extra aggressiveness from the bully stop you. Get more aggressive in trying to stop it instead of being intimidated. Talk with people around you, find out who else is hurt by that bully, and help them. Report the bully to the principal. Aggressively fight back (without being too physical). Don't let them see that you are bothered by what they say.
  12. Stand up for yourself. Someone is bullying you! Don't just stand there and take it, stand up for yourself. This may be a lot harder than it sounds but if you do it, afterwards, you'll feel great. If you are not convinced that you have the courage, know what you want to say and who you want to say it to when you are standing up for yourself.
  13. Diss a Bully. When standing up for yourself, you have to know what to say and what not to say. The right thing to do, no matter how far it goes, is to avoid being mean. For example, if someone says something like, "Nice shirt... not!" to you, or something to diss you, you can say something back, that is not mean, but surprises them like, "Thanks! I like your shirt too!" Don't be sarcastic when saying this, sound genuine.
  14. Deal with peer pressure. Most likely, when you are getting bullied, you will be surrounded by a group. These can be your friends, or enemies. No matter who they are, you need to stand up for yourself. You may hear someone make fun of you for simply Stand up for Yourself (and Your Friends). Some people may not even support the idea of you standing up for yourself.
  15. Try to end the actual bullying. There are times that you can actually put a stop to a bullying situation. The greatest step to doing this is standing up for who you are and standing up for your friends. If someone insults you again and you are finally done with the bullying, you can say something along the lines of, "You know what, I am tired of you bullying me! You may be insecure about yourself or just not like me, but that is no reason to do the things you are doing right now."
  16. Avoid starting a fight. Often times, bullies want the attention, and get the attention. They want to start a fight and hurt the other person's feelings/emotions. Don't show them, and don't let them hurt your feelings. The person may be embarrassed, but you were too when you were being bullied. Your bully heard what you were saying when you stood up for yourself and in their heart, knows that it's wrong to do what they did.


  • If a bully is near you, try to keep at least one of your friends close by.
  • Be sure to Learn to Like Your Teacher as well as you can.
  • Tell the principal as soon as it happens.
  • Fighting will not help your problems. Be the bigger person and just walk away.
  • Don't retaliate to the bully when they hurt you.
  • Do not become friends with the bully. They may stop bullying you but they may be back stabbers or bad influences.
  • Run to your house if you are getting chased by a bully.
  • If someone teases you, don't get angry, just walk away.
  • If the bully is annoying you in class time ask the teacher if you can move if he/she will not let you then explain to them why.
  • Be confident in yourself, because you shouldn't have to hide the inner you. If someone is still bullying you, then they will realize it isn't working and will leave. Simply smile, and walk around with your head up high.

Also, If it happens again like outside of the classroom, please report it to your teacher, principles, or guidance and make sure that you tell them the bully's name so that they can talk to them of what's going between you two!

  • Don't look down at your self and just know you are amazing and not what they say you are.
  • Just ignore the one bullying you.
  • Stand up for yourself and try not to fight back. Instead try complaining to the authorities .IF they dont act,Don't become suicidal .Instead be strong and calm!


  • Never hit the people bullying you unless it's for defense. It will not satisfy your teachers.
  • If a bully is larger than you, don't hit them. If you do, be aware that it will be you who started the fight and that could get you suspended or even beaten up.
  • Some bullies do this to impress their friends, or become popular. Don't let them achieve something they don't deserve. Popularity wants you, not the bully.
  • If you are being cyberbullied from a student or co worker, immediately report this to your principal/boss. Cyberbullying is a crime.
  • If an adult is harassing you and you're a minor, report him/her to both your parents and your local police/sheriff department.
  • Do not fight back with a bully. This is what they want your to do, and you will only make it worse.

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