Take a Bus in London, Ontario

Stuck without a car in London, Ontario? Take public transport instead! You can take the bus, for instance, by finding the right routes and seeing the timetable.


  1. Find out what route(s) you need at the routes page on the London Transit Commission website. To get a detailed map of all routes in the city, scroll to the bottom of the page and take a look at the "Ride Guide".
  2. Check the timetable to find out when the bus leaves and arrives. Note that the timetables only show major stops, so if you're stopping somewhere in between, you'll have to estimate the time the bus gets there. Also, if you need to make a connection, check how long you'll have to wait by comparing the schedules of each route.
  3. Get on the bus at the front and pay the fare, either in cash (a bit more expensive) or with a ticket you bought in advance. If you will be making a connection, ask the bus driver for a "transfer". This is valid for 90 minutes. When you get on your connecting bus, show this transfer to the driver so you won't have to pay the fare again.
  4. Request a stop when you are near your destination by pulling the yellow cord running along either side of the bus. Some newer buses also have red "stop" buttons that you can press instead.
  5. Get off the bus by pressing the bar on or beside the rear door once the bus stops.


  • If you're unsure of what route(s) to take, you can call the London Transit Commission customer service line with their number listed.


  • Remember that transfers are only valid for 90 minutes, so bear this in mind when planning connections. If you exceed this time limit you'll have to pay the fare again.
  • If you plan to ride the bus frequently, don't pay by cash. You can buy tickets in sets of five at many local stores, or, if you plan to take the bus very frequently, you can buy a bus pass.

Things You'll Need

  • Money, tickets, or a pass for the bus fare.

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