Use Scene Lingo

To really be scene, you have to talk scene. If you don't know what scene is, then this will be no help to you.


Online Typing

  1. Don't use ;; and // and :: or && because that is old! Everyone has been using it, if you want to use it, do so sparingly. Be aware that most people who read it will see you as a newbie.
  2. Put extra letters at the end of words sparingly. For example: Radd, kidd, etc.
  3. Don't use the typos such as lyke, sexi, gawd, etc. Scene kids are growing up and really don't like people who talk lyke dis nd th3y g3t r3lly mad when someone acts like a 4 year old child.
  4. Use abbreviations if you're comfortable. You have to know what HxC and SxE means. If you don't, then learn. SxE does NOT mean sexy, it means straight edge (refraining from drinking, drugs, and casual sex), and HxC means hardcore.
  5. Use good punctuation and grammar.
  6. The term "fer sure" has become popular among scene kids. However, this term has become extremely hackneyed and mainstream (much like the word "RAWR" or "BLAH").
  7. Another popular thing for scene kids to type is "sup kiddo", "otays" and "zomg".
  8. Adopt certain words into your vocabulary, such as "hella", "radd", "stellar", "pimp", "hot", etc. The word dank,and hip-hop slang are also scene.

In Person or On the Phone

  1. Words often used by scene kids to mean 'cool' include "rad," and "fly"; on the other hand, there are also words to separately mean 'stylish' such as "vogue" and "steezy."
  2. Scene kids often jokingly call one another "betch," "whore," "faggot," "skank," etc. They'll also call each other "hot" and "sexy". When using these, though, make sure the other person knows very well that you're kidding.
  3. Don't use irritating abbreviations in person, saying "lol" is acceptable but "rofl" and "lmao" are best left to Internet conversations.
  4. Talk at a moderate pace; make sure you don't sound laid back. Speaking in a higher pitch, almost like Dahvie Vanity, makes you appeal more to the scene eye.
  5. Find videos of Audrey Kitching and Jac Vanek using lingo.
  6. Use the word "lawlz"; it's cute and is commonly used to substitute for "lol." You could also use "uber" (an adverb meaning "very") such as: "That looks uber cute on you."

Make Up Your Own

  1. Make up your own phrases. Yes, this is hard, but possible. Think of short, odd adverbs (cuss words not recommended) and completely overuse them. Or, to seem less poserish, only use them in select situations. When something is totally awesome exclaim RADD! (or your phrase here)


  • Most Scene kids have accounts on sites such as Facebook, Skype, OoVoO, and Tumblr.
  • Be yourself. Be as cute as possible, if you're a girl. Be original.
  • A bonus is writing your favorite song lyrics as a signature a status on Tumblr, or your About Me section on Facebook.
  • Try to use proper grammar when texting or typing, otherwise people lAuGh aT tHe WaY yOu TaLk LiKe ThIs.
  • Just because you classify yourself as scene, don't forget who you are.
  • A lot of scene kids say words like "arg", "erm", "grr", "arr", etc. in conversations (in person or online).
  • Talk like yourself, but if you feel like it, use a weird accent on certain words, Just like Britney spears.
  • Typos are cool, but real scene kids are unique, so make up your own words, and use them on the internet with friends (this is like typos of words that mean something else than the real word) Normally, this will occur when one of you typos, and you find it really funny, so you make it into something else. Fairly simple concept.
  • as most scenes are known to do, but be sparing. No one likes the person who shouts "I like cupcakes!" every two minutes.
  • SxE or any amount of X's before usernames means straight edge(no drugs or alcohol) HxC means hardcore (you do anything you want; drinking and doing drugs)
  • NEVER R1+3 LYK3 D15 it is annoying and makes you look extremely idiotic to everyone.
  • Try to think of your own things to say and completely overuse them.
  • When making your own lingo, be unique! Don't force yourself to sound like someone you're not.
  • Don't overuse any of your words unless its your catchphrase. Common scene words are "ace", "fizzy", "stellar", "legend", "mint", "rad", "secks" aka 'that's the sex', "bahaha", "lawlz", "vogue", and all types of abbreviations.
  • Don't talk like you are 'straight out the hood' or 'ghetto' this is also annoying and is not popular in scene, emo, punk, goth or raver cultures.


  • Don't use all of this lingo all at once. You'll seem like a poser.
  • You might be made fun of at first... Don't stop though, because "You don't care".
  • Don't type "lIkE tHiSSS". You won't sound cool, you'll sound stupid and people will just think you can't type properly.
  • Calling somebody a "betch" or a "whore" may offend them a lot! Use these words only if you know who you are talking about. Also, NEVER use terms like Nigga/Nigger or fag/faggot. These are derogatory terms and can be very offensive to certain people. Using them will make you sound ignorant.
  • Don't say "lawlz" or "lol" too often. It can get annoying.
  • People who don't like overused bs WILL be annoyed by you and probably stop hanging around with you.
  • Don't ever try to talk like a prep to scene kids...
  • Don't put extra e's on the end of certain words (EG, "lovee", etc). This can also be annoying.
  • Get yourself an official Tumblr page! Every scene kid has one, and you'll pick up on lots of acceptable scene lingo once you get a blog there.
  • Don't talk with all caps. It can be really annoying!
  • Never whine. Complaining about some once in a while is normal, but don't overdo it. If you whine about everything then people will think that you are a scene poser, and scene kids won't hang out with you.

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