21st century learning design: Course 2 - collaboration


This course explores the broader meaning of collaboration, and your understanding of it. In today's workplace young people are expected to collaborate and this course helps you to understand what we mean by collaboration. It helps you to design lessons where students can develop collaboration skills. It will also introduce you to the dimensions of collaboration which are: students working in groups or pairs, sharing responsibility, making substantive decisions together, and being co-dependent on one another.

Learning objectives

To frame and answer the questions:

  • What are the big ideas in collaboration?
  • What does working together mean?
  • What does shared-responsibility mean?
  • What does making substantive decisions mean?
  • What does working interdependently mean?


Module 1: What is collaboration?

Module 2: The big ideas in collaboration

Module 3: The collaboration rubric and decision tree

Module 4: Collaboration and anchor lesson

Module 5: Collaboration in action

Module 6: Collaboration in action in your classroom




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