This learning path is designed to provide the educator who has some experience using technology in the classroom to support STEM learning objectives to move beyond basic concepts. It includes the full My Minecraft Journey, how to create maker challenges to infuse computational thinking into the classroom and the basics of programming and computer science with both LEGO Education and MakeCode.

Learning Path Outline

My Minecraft journey lesson five: It's more than just a game!

Lesson Five is all about understanding what you're able to do as a teacher within Classroom Mode. After completing Lesson Five, you will be able to: 1. Understand the Classroom Mode overview 2. Install Classroom Mode 3. Open Classroom Mode 4. Change world settings using Classroom Mode 5. Communicate with students using Classroom

My Minecraft journey lesson six: Minecraft: Education Edition and life-ready skills

Lesson Six is about understanding the tenets and best practices of successful classroom management when using Minecraft: Education Edition: 1. Building a positive learning community 2. Setting academic purpose 3. Planning your work 4. Using practical tips for classroom management 5. Remembering to have hard fun

My Minecraft journey lesson seven: Designing learning experiences

After completing Lesson Seven, you will be able to: 1. Understand the two main environments players use to play Minecraft 2. Explore gameplay styles and challenges 3. Survive the night, and beyond! 4. Get some basic gameplay tips

My Minecraft journey lesson eight: Bringing it all together

Lesson Eight is focused on helping you connect your existing curriculum to Minecraft: Education Edition in ways that support your students' learning, this module will uncover: 1. Overview of a typical Minecraft lesson plan 2. Looking for curricular connections 3. Crafting your lesson plan 4. Reflection on your lesson plan

My Minecraft journey conclusion

This is the conclusion of the 10 lesson "My Minecraft Journey". Please complete lessons 1-10 before taking this conclusion course.

STEAM Integration with Minecraft

Minecraft: Education Edition empowers educators and students to engage in student-centered, collaborative and global environments. Through this course, participants will see the various ways that Minecraft lends itself to embedding multiple STEAM elements across disciplines. This course shares many tips, advice and resources for

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 - In the Classroom

By combining their design and coding skills, students can create innovative solutions to real-world problems with the use of LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3.

How to Infuse Computational Thinking in your Teaching with Maker Challenges

Learn how to run your own Maker Challenge with this course and earn 500 points!

Building Blocks of Code 1

Learn about computational thinking, block coding and how to get started with the Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial that is part of Computer Science week.


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