Microsoft K-12 Education Transformation Framework

Learning Path Outline

Microsoft K-12 Education Transformation Framework: Intelligent environments

Developing intelligent environments to optimize learning for both students and teachers is the third pillar in Microsoft's Educational Transformation Framework. This includes creative collaboration in flexible learning spaces, creating more sustainable and energy-efficient ways of working, and providing responsive and coordinated security

Microsoft K-12 Education Transformation Framework: Modern teaching and learning

This Learning Path focuses on Modern Teaching and Learning. As part of the Microsoft Education Transformation Framework, this component is aimed at school leaders looking to transform the teaching and learning practices within their school.

Microsoft K-12 Education Transformation Framework: Technology Blueprint

The fourth pillar in the Microsoft Education Transformation Framework is the technology blueprint for transformation. It provides a strong foundation: a reliable, responsive, and date-driven technology environment. It empowers teachers, learners, and administrators to achieve more every day with intuitive devices. And it gives

Microsoft K-12 Education Transformation Framework: Leadership and Policy

This course focuses on Leadership and Policy design for school leaders. This component is aimed at building system-wide leadership to drive change.


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