21st century learning design: Course 7 - use of ICT for learning


Information and communication technologies (ICT) have become commonplace in all aspects of life, including education. The use of ICT in education all too often supports the consumption of information and ideas. 21CLD: ICT for Learning highlights the need to use ICT to transform learning experiences and to create and design new information.

Learning objectives

To frame and answer the following questions:

  • What are the big ideas in ICT for learning?
  • How can ICT be used to learn or practice basic skills or reproduce information?
  • How can ICT be used to support knowledge construction?
  • How can an ICT product be created for authentic users?


Module 1: Overview: what is ICT for learning?

Questions to think about:

  • The Use of ICT for Learning rubric has a particular focus on the interaction of ICT with two other 21CLD rubrics?
  • What is an example of student use of ICT? What is a non-example?

Module 2: The big ideas in the use of ICT for learning

Questions to think about:

  • Describe what it means when students use ICT for knowledge construction
  • What does it mean when an ICT product is designed for an authentic audience? Can you give some examples?

Module 3: The use of ICT for learning rubric/decision tree

Questions to think about:

  • When a learning activity is coded at a 4 in terms of student use of ICT for learning, what does that mean?
  • What is the difference between a learning activity coded a 2 versus a 3?

Module 4: Examining anchor lessons for the use of ICT for learning

Questions to think about:

  • In the learning activity, “Munting Munggo”, how would you code it for the Use of ICT? What is your evidence?
  • In the learning activity, “Great Train Internet”, were students using ICT to construct knowledge? Why or why not?

Module 5: The use of ICT for learning in action

Questions to think about:

  • Describe the use of ICT in this lesson by students.
  • Did it support knowledge construction? Why or why not?
  • Did the student created an ICT product for authentic users? Why or why not?

Module 6: The use of ICT for learning in action in your classroom

Questions to think about:

  • Think of a learning activity you will do with your students in the next 1-3 weeks. What would you code it (in terms of ICT for learning) and why?
  • If it isn’t at a code of 4, how could you modify it to bring it up at least one level?




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