Act on a Bus (for Kids)

If there are crazy people on the bus or you know read this it will tell you what to do


  1. Don't let them get in your way. If they say something to you and you don't like them, don't look at them, don't anger, and pretend you did not hear them.
  2. If they do something bad to you or anything else tell the bus driver, mom and dad, or whoever takes care of you. If you tell them what is happening, they can do something about it and the bullies won't hurt you again.
  3. When you get off and on the bus make sure to hold the handle so you don't fall or something because people may laugh at you and the next day they might tease you and say something bad to you.
  4. Make sure that your shoe is always tied because when getting on or off the bus you may trip and fall.
  5. Be safe and follow the bus rules. When you follow the rules, the people on the bus and the driver will respect you and you won't get kicked off the bus.

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