Ask a Guy to Show His Muscles to You

If you've ever been with a muscly guy you'll know how badly you want to see them. You'll also know how hard it is to bring yourself to ask him to show you. Many people just expect their boyfriends to rip their shirts off any time they ask. They soon find out that that's not the case. Here's how to get him to show you his muscles and avoid rejection.


  1. Carefully consider the timing of your request. Randomly asking a guy to show you his muscles may sound cute to you, but it can be a little annoying for him. Instead, ask him when it just comes naturally. This could be after going for a run, after a sporting event where he has used a certain muscle or even if the subject of working out just comes up in conversation. It will show him that you're actually interested in what he's saying or doing; not just his muscles.
  2. If you and your guy are out with all of your friends, the chances of him showing you his muscles are very low - especially if he's shy. Asking him in public will not only embarrass him but it could also embarrass you and everyone around you. Instead, ask him when you two are alone together and there's nobody around. If you two only meet up in public, try a walk through the park or somewhere quiet. Even though you're alone, however, he still might not want to show you in public so it's best if you're at his house because he will be more relaxed in his own home.
  3. Respect him. If he has already made it quite clear that he's not going to show you his muscles right now, respect it. Don't nag him, it's not going to make a difference. It will only make him feel like his own feelings mean nothing to you. If you ask him and he says that he'll show you later, respect that too. Don't ask him every ten minutes what he means by "later". If you honestly think that he's forgotten, give it at least an hour after your initial request before you ask him again. You have to give it time because it might turn out that he hasn't forgotten at all and - as we've already established - asking every ten minutes is annoying.
  4. Flatter him. Rather than just telling him that you want to see his muscles, tell him why you want to see them. What is it about them that you want to see? Are they big? Are they defined? Telling him will not only raise his confidence, but it will also raise the chances of him showing you them muscles. A good way to flatter him is to snuggle into one of his arms. Tell him that they're big and comfy then ask if you can see them. This trick will also work for his chest and abs (if you're both laying down). You can also complement him on the way that he actually uses the muscles. For example, you could say something like "it's no wonder your team won the match, look at your muscles!". Again, it lets him know that you're taking note of what he does.
  5. Offer something in return. It's all well and good you feeling his muscles, but what is he getting out of it? If you have been dating for some time and are quite intimate, offer him a massage. This works best if he's aching or in a some pain as it can make him feel good too. If you still want more, you can even offer a full body or back massage. You may not be that close yet but if you are, research some massage tips before hand. This way, you can get straight to the muscles and won't waste any time figuring out what you're actually going to do with him. If you do a really good job, he might request another one in the near future.
  6. Ask questions. Don't just accept that his arms are big and toned, ask him how they got big and toned. If he's serious about his sport or workout routine, he'll probably be happy to explain how he does it to you. If you're feeling really daring, ask for a demonstration. Never heard of that type of press-up? Ask him to show you. Don't know what on earth a sit-up might be? Ask him to teach you. Some guys really enjoy exercising with their partners and if exercise is his thing, he'll enjoy it that little bit more. If you like something that he likes (Cycling, for example), offer to work out with him next time he's going to.
  7. Make your request in degrees. If you really want to feel those calves, grabbing them might not be the way to go. When you first wanted a cuddle, did you just jump on him? No. You worked your way up to that. It's going to be the same thing now. First, ask him how they got so big in the first place. Throw a few more compliments his way and then maybe feel a different muscle group. Now remind him how much you liked those big, defined calves. Ask him if you can have a feel. Because you already felt the first muscle group, he'll feel more relaxed with you touching his legs. Clever, huh?


  • Be polite and tactful when making your request. Be sure to offer thanks if your request is approved.
  • If his muscles turn out to be smaller than you thought do not tell him! First of all it would probably offend him and second, it would severely discourage him if working out was his hobby.
  • Once a guy has shown you his muscles, it should be easier next time with the same subject.
  • Carry a bottle of massage lotion and a medium towel in your backpack if you plan on any massage activities.


  • Make sure that you don't look disappointed if he hasn't got very big muscles.
  • When done wrongly, this can make him feel very awkward. lol

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