Avoid Drama with Your Best Friend

Drama with your best friends is horrible! It can be a fight with your friend, or two of your friends are fighting and you are in between. Don't want to lose friends through this all? Hate drama? Follow these steps.


  1. Look at it from their point of view if you are fighting. Did you do something to make them angry? Are they hurt? If so, why?
  2. Write a letter or a little note saying that you are sorry and you can't stand fighting with them, even if you think they should apologize first. Most likely he or she is thinking the same thing!
  3. Slip the note into their locker, or a place where you know she will get it - without other people getting to it first. Alternatively, hand the note directly to them.
  4. Try sending an e-mail or IM or even a text message if the note does not work. In messaging or call, your friend may have blocked you. Then, write a note or an email.
  5. Realize that they may need time to cool off before they can fully forgive you. Sometimes, fights can leave people hurt.
  6. Talk to your other friends if you're not sure what's going on. Maybe even your mom because she has the best support and advice! Remember, she used to be a kid, too.
  7. Keep in mind that this happens a lot to best friends when they need space. Try hanging out with some of your other friends more often. They just need time. Time heals. Stop the usual calling or texting and wait for them to forgive you.
  8. Understand that if they do not end up forgiving you, you are probably better off without them.True friends don't fight much. After a fight, a true friend forgives you. If they don't, they are not true friends. Ditch them and look for others.


  • If you have to do an assignment together in class, make sure not to bring up the subject of fighting.
  • Ask yourself why you got in a fight in the first place.
  • Sometimes your best friend just needs some space. Give her time and don't force her into any answers.
  • Don't let your other friends talk bad about your best friend.
  • If he or she looks your way, give a shy smile to let him or her know you feel bad about fighting.
  • If you have a project together, pretend like you never got in a fight and go along with it. You really don't want to get a bad grade over a fight.
  • Don't get others involved in your arguments.
  • If you need to let something off your chest about your friend don't tell her. Go see a counselor or a teacher to solve this problem.
  • If you are already in a fight, try mingling with other groups. She'll wish she was there to make memories with you.
  • Never let you be the one to start the fight.
  • Never tell another friend to ask your B.F.F (best friends forever) if he or she wants to make up and that you're sorry.
  • Be the bigger person. Be the one to apologize first, though it might be difficult.


  • Don't give her or him the "silent treatment" - that will just make her ignore you back, and next thing you know, you guys never talk again!
  • Don't ask if he or she is mad at you more than two times, it could get annoying and if he or she wasn't mad already, they could get mad.
  • Don't talk bad about your best friend to your other friends.

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