Be Friends Forever with Your Best Friend

You may be popular, or you may be a loser. But you have friends. More importantly, you have a best friend. Sometimes, there are times when you are annoyed, but besides that, they are some of the most important people in your life. If all others whom you thought were your friends will turn their backs on you, a best friend will always be there no matter what. There's a saying that goes: "Best friends are siblings God forgot to give you."


  1. Communicate with your best friend. Frequent communication is essential to deepening your friendship. Making sure that they feel loved and supported will help you remain friends with them. Let them know about your day and random facts about yourself. Listen to them when they speak, and respond with an appropriate amount of enthusiasm so that they feel happy.
  2. Plan activities together. Spending time with your friend is important, as it reminds them that they're loved. Share fun moments with them. Send them invitations to different outings, such as the movies or to a sleepover. Be sure that you both enjoy the activity; otherwise, they may feel unhappy and not want to spend time with you. Also, invite your other friends for a change in variety.
  3. Share your secrets with them. Allowing you into your life will make them feel special. As your best friend, they will want to know about you as much as possible. By opening up to them, they will understand that you trust them and want them in your life. If they shares secrets with you, be a good friend and keep them to yourself. Although you might be tempted to share them with others, don't break the trust put in you.
  4. Keep in touch. When you are apart, show that you are thinking about them by calling, emailing, or texting them. Sending a short, simple message can do the trick. However, remember to give space so that they don't feel smothered.
  5. Create nicknames. Giving them a special name will strengthen your bond with them. Be sure that they don't, however, feel embarrassed or hurt by the name; if they feel you're making fun of them, it could throw a wrench in your friendship. Have inside jokes with each other.
  6. Support their obsessions. Every person is made unique by their likes and dislikes. Even if you may not love their television shows or favorite celebrities, show that you love and support them by listening when they talk about them. You could also purchase gifts related to their likes, such as a shirt of a favorite band.
  7. Avoid obstacles in your friendship. In order to ensure that you both remain friends for a long time, don't allow menial situations or differences to separate you both. It doesn't matter that she's got the same shirt or pair of boots as you. Why should you care if he isn't a fan of the band you love? Your similarities and differences with them should not cause a tear in your friendship.
  8. Respect them. Above all, respect your friend, their space and their choices. You're not the boss of them and neither they of you. Enjoy everything together for as long as it lasts.


  • Best friends don't keep secrets from each other, unless they are truly personal.
  • The truth won't bring them down, so be honest. If something doesn't work or look good, be honest.
  • Tell your best friend how you are feeling and let them know your fears and secrets. They will surely keep it a secret. If they do not, then you should not ever believe them. Friends can be forever if you bother to be a good friend.
  • Love your best friend like they're your family. Sometimes, they may even be the one who sticks with you in times of need.
  • Console your best friend if they're upset. Hug them, or just let them know you're there (plus point if you're literally there). Support them.
  • No matter what anybody thinks, they're your best friend and don't be afraid to shout it.
  • Be honest and never hold a grudge against your best friend.
  • Don't put your friend down even if you are mad about something at home.
  • Let them be who they want to be, and be aware if they're letting you be who you are.
  • Sometimes your best friend just need space. Also your best friend doesn't just know all your best memories, but has lived them with you.


  • You can die from laughter because of a best friend.
  • There are going to be way too many inside jokes for you to handle.
  • Don't quarrel over stupid things.
  • You'll start calling each other strange nicknames like Milkshake, Cheesecharger, Gerba, Gamma and Chica.

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