Be Productive As a Teen

Teenage is one of the best phases of life but you know you can make it even greater by being productive and getting more done in less time, Yes you can make extra 1 hour for your new game or an extra episode on Netflix and without cutting anything from your daily routine. Teenage life can be stressful but you know you can make it a happy and productive day by following this below points.


  1. Exercise is one of the best ways to be productive. they keep you active throughout the day and make you look good, It also decreases chances of diseases by twenty-five per cent, It keeps you happy and realises a chemical call dopamine which is responsible for how happy you are and change your mood.
    • Do some push-ups
    • Walk for a mile a day
  2. Meditating can look boring but it's not. You know your favourite Hollywood actors meditate daily because it helps them stay productive and make them creative. Meditating can help while you are studying it also control your breathing and you're angry.
    • Start Meditating
    • Practice Deep Breathing
  3. Diet is very crucial. and very much responsible for your physics, the Human body can only get in good shape when its intaking good food which is high in protein and very high nutrient. Cut down junk food and replace them with the healthier options.
    • Cut Down Junk Food
    • Start Eating Healthy
  4. Planning Your Day. is very important if you plan your day you won’t miss any homework or projects, Planning day give you an extra advantage of doing something on specific time rather than wasting it thinking about what I will do next, You can schedule your game, study, sports and as many things as you want, wasting time won’t bring you anything but utilizing it in the correct way can make your day extremely productive.
    • Plan Your Day in Advance
    • Give Priority to Things Which Really Matter.
  5. Separate School From Life. Many times school life and our personal life gets mixed up and can make a day very unproductive if somethings happen bad in our school or you failed in the test you get distracted with this thing every day, don't keep remembering them at home and while day focus on what you have scheduled for your day.
    • Don't Bring School At Home
  6. Cut Down on T.V. Television as known as idiot box it's wastes a whole lot of time, you would have heard this but do you know why people even say this because television keep you distracted to do what you should do and it keeps you away from being productive, television can be good but if you watch it in limit watching it every day will make your brain blunt and watching it in limit and wisely will sharp your brain.
    • Cut Down Television Hours
    • Watch Content Which Makes You Smart
  7. Cut Down Social Media. Whoa “I can’t cut down on social media” Social Media is brainwashing your mind it's making you away to have an extremely productive day. Social Media apps want you to spend your whole day on it because they are making money from it but at the other hand your wasting time. which you can use to read an amazing book or complete your homework or just have a good time with your family and friends.
    • Spend Less Time On Social Media
    • Time is Precious To Use it Wisely


  • Friends are good but spending too much time with them is bad
  • Poor or Rich everyone have only 24 hours


  • Don't Smoke