Always Be on the Go

Do you have a very filled schedule? You certainly want to be productive and active but at the same time not to be stressed by the environment around you. Here is how you can be ready for anything.


  1. In the morning, take your time getting ready. Spending the time you need to in the morning means less times during the day you need to touch up make-up or worry about smelling bad. So, give yourself plenty of time to wash up and look good.
  2. Don't skip breakfast! Starting off the day with a coffee, balanced meal and a vitamin will help keep you focused for the day. Consider preparing a fruit salad before bed, or keeping a few different cereal flavors in the house.
  3. Before you leave in the morning, make your bed and put your dirty clothes in the hamper. If your hamper is full, toss them in the washing machine. Empty the sink into the dishwasher, or wash your breakfast dishes.
  4. Be productive at work or at school. Don't doze off in classes or let your mind wander in meetings.
  5. Plan your day carefully, and include everything, from tests or interviews to where you are going for lunch.
  6. Every night, go over your schedule for the next day and make sure you have everything you need. If you are going shopping, make sure you have money. If you are turning in an assignment, be positive that you have the finishing touches on it, and it is with your stuff, ready to go in the morning.
  7. If you are very busy, invest in a good day planner. They are about 20 dollars, and usually include phone book, calendar, notepad and a calculator. Write down everything.
  8. Have a place to unwind when you get home, whether it be in a jacuzzi, bubble bath, or game room. Have a place in your house that is just yours to relax in. And treat yourself every day.


  • Get things done as soon as you get home. e.g., After school, do your homework right away, and then go on the computer. Or clean your bedroom before you watch TV. Do priorities first, and then you won't have to worry about anything.
  • Smile! Love your busy life. If you don't, you will just get stressed out, and nobody needs that. Learn to work better under pressure, and you will never feel rushed.
  • Make a list! That sense of accomplishment you get when you cross something off can't be beat!

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