Be a Productive Individual

Sigmund Freud was generally known to be a compulsive person; hence had a productive lifestyle. After working as a neurologist in Vienna he would write his discoveries/perceptions on neurosis while being an excellent family man. All in all, he wasn't a procrastinator. And considering your dynamic life you shouldn't be either.


  1. Contemplate why you want to be more productive. Do you procrastinate usually or do you simply believe living a more productive life will bring more bread to the table? Are you compulsive or ambitious; the type of person who lusts for success? If you have your strong reasons then you have dedication. And dedication will bring you a level higher.
  2. Have this mental motive: Needs over wants. Start realizing that the needs of others and your health is more important than what you crave to do. Helping others especially or simply responding to new potential opportunities can go a long way. Use your integrity at work. Work harder and always accept new challenges while helping others. When you help others you may advance yourself or make social acquaintances. Selfish yes, but if you think about it we are born selfish psycho-physically speaking. If you give a random stranger gift dopamine gets released in the brain saying "you're a good person". The point is that you "need" to help others to further advance yourself. Further advancement = more productivity.
  3. Make "short" term plans every day and COMPLETE THEM. But for every plan have a strong supporting reason on why you would do it. The reason being- it will benefit you. Plans like; go to the gym for 30 minutes, send two resumes, study calculus for 30 minutes. You will slowly get into the habit of completing tasks and from there on aim for the next level.
  4. Realize there is no room for failure in our society. (Pressure yourself a little bit without overwhelming your nerves) "The possibility of failure is the most uncomfortable phenomenon in western (American) life." There is no room for failure in our schemes of respect unless the failure is found to result from some cataclysmic event like the Great Depression. There is, as well, indifference to those who do not move ahead. Failures and static people- the nobodies people fear to be - seen as having undeveloped personalities; the uncomfortable feelings about those who do not "make something of themselves" when they have a chance come out of an assumption that men can be respected only as they become in some way distinctive, or possess more- as they stand out from the mass." -Sociology - a window on the world - stratification pg 132
  5. Become independent. Don't rely on others for constant support or work you could have potentially done. If the economy someday collapses the smartest/most productive men won't be buried under the rubble.
  6. Last but definitely not least follow your "left side of the brain". Numbers, not notes make this world. If you choose to make this world more colourful you will be focusing on "wants"- not needs.


  • Don't fear failure. You don't learn something if you do it right. You learn if you fail it. "For up from the ashes, up from the ashes, grow the roses of success!"
  • Start something new. Be the owner of your creation and expand it.
  • Keep a good balance between production and leisure. Try to measure it out towards the "left" side where you are content.
  • Omega 3-6-9 oils can increase serotonin levels (neuron response) in the brain.
  • Realize that if you are a productive person you will learn faster and accomplish your goals faster.


  • Procrastination can ruin you if you let it go too far.
  • Do not interpret having a "productive lifestyle" as a more stressful one".
  • Resort to a physician if you are planning to make any lifestyle changes that correspond to changing your chemical make-up (e.g., start to take serotonin boosters).
  • Don't think that someday when you're walking to get the mail a car will hit you and your work will be wasted. That is the worst thing you can worry about. At least you have a chance of increasing your long term goals by being productive.
  • Don't think that productivity is all about money and don't get the allegory that you are just working yourself as a slave either for the economy.

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