Stay Productive in the Summer

For kids, summer can be a time to let loose and have fun. As you get older and more serious about life, however, summer can be a simple waste of time, when you could be doing something productive. Listening to music while going for a jog can be just as productive as reading a book or an interesting article online. You can also go get yourself a cup of coffee and meet someone, or just bring a tablet or laptop with you to do some browsing. Here are a list of fun things you can do in the summer that keep you busy -- especially if you're not made of money and don't currently work.


  1. Play board games. Board games are a really good way to keep your mind productive an energized. You can #Rock The Board and beat your family at the game, or you can lose -- either way, it's fun. Don't like the board games you have? Create one! That's always a cool idea -- you can be in charge of the rules. You're going to be #Totally Awesome. You can even bring board games along on a picnic with some food, and if you're about to lose, accidentally drop the food on the board game. That's always fun. #I never lose!
  2. Take the Instagram Challenge. These days, kids spend hours upon hours on Instagram taking silly pictures. Instead of taking #Selfies, you can take #Adventurous pictures. If other members of your family also use Instagram or have a smart phone, you can simply challenge them. Whoever can take the coolest, most interesting and nicest picture #outside wins the choosing of what they're going to have for dinner. The ultimate decider can be someone who is not part of the challenge.
  3. Write each other's stories [improv]. If you're a Facebook or Google+ fan, start a post with a few sentences making up a story as if you were writing a book. Each comment can continue the previous comment and this can grow into a story. Hate social networking? Text each other, or hey, maybe you can use something all of us used to use before computers took over, paper.
  4. Bake your heart out. Instead of sitting home thinking about what to do, you can bake a loaf of bread or some sweet treats together. Don't like baking together? Have a bake off, and show your family #Who the chef really is. And hey, if they ask for a piece later, you can always decline giving them a piece. It's only for cool people, anyway.
  5. Make a short film with the family. Home videos are always fun, especially when we're amused by the teasing of another family member. #WhatAreChildrenFor? You can makeĀ  a short, random home video with them, or film them doing some experiment. Like horror movies? Have them do the "Bloody Mary" legend in the bathroom, or just video random people as you drive by, etc. You can always cause some chaos. That's always something parents would love! #Parenting101.

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