End Traffic Accidents

To end traffic accidents is easy! The Road Safety Office at the World Health Organization thinks the G-7 is long overdue for law-abiding streets and highways. They see the high accident rates and traffic injuries and deaths. Autonomous traffic signs give feedback to the stakeholders, which leads to accountability and then a smooth functioning traffic system! The side benefit is the ability to move around freely, without traffic jams caused by substandard traffic habits.


  1. First  Have your local municipal public works department introduce a system, that shows the compliance rates at stop signs. Once the public sees how they behave at stop signs by publishing daily compliance rates, the percentages should improve at all intersections. The four west coast capitals are going to install digital reader boards, that display the daily percentages at some stop signs, to improve behavior at all intersections. The cost might be lessened for your municipality, by posting a plastic percentage sign next to school stop signs, to show the compliance rates.
  2. Next, crowdfund the publishing of local speed compliance rates. Each municipal government gathers statistics about speed compliance rates. By publishing the rates, the accountability is shared by your community. If crowdfunding is too difficult, local sponsors can be found, or money can raised by community charity work, like "Community Runs."
  3. Once the public has a regular community traffic report card, then civic responsibility replaces the unwritten rules of the road and parents will stop teaching their children the unwritten rules of the road.
  4. The last step is technical. When drivers come off of a highway, they experience a slow motion visual effect that causes them to interact badly with local traffic. This is called Velocitization and it is caused by the inner ear.  A municipal campaign must be launched to explain this dangerous hallucination. My nation's top expert has been discussing this for 40 years and no one listens.  Velocitized drivers usually terrify urban bicyclists and pedestrians and don't realize it.


  • Most people are uninterested in traffic safety. Accountability works like community responsibility, so it helps offset the chronically lawless.
  • Street cred is more important than life, to a large percentage of urban people. This means no matter how you try, they will refuse to change their traffic habits.
  • The World Health Organization Road Safety Office, feels that the G-7 governments are ignoring mass disobedience to traffic legislation and profiting politically and economically. With one million dead from traffic accidents internationally, the G-7 is curiously able to look the other way at their high traffic accident rates. With our massive resources, traffic safety laws should be seen by our young.
  • Capital cities are the best place to do this. Thousands of civil servants practice accountability - by nature of their stewardship of our governments.
  • Doing this, you will have the full support of your government and police.


  • Snow and ice and winter sun in the eyes, are still factors that need close attention.